Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 25 & 26

Yeon Seo knows the truth now so of course we are going to have to fight noble idiocy and angst. Kang Woo really doesn’t know how to shut his mouth, so he told her all about Angel Dan dissipating because of being in love. Let’s see if there is a way for the Angel Dan and Yeon Seo to change their fates.

If I Can’t Have Her…

Sunbae meets up with Kang Woo and basically tells him he’s being a butthead because he can’t have Yeon Seo. Kang Woo says he wishes he had known what would happen because he wouldn’t have gone to the church with his love. He claims to want to protect Yeon Seo, but I think he’s just damaged.

Ni Na Leaves Home

Evil Aunt says the usual trite stuff about how everything she has done was for Ni Na, but Ni Na isn’t having it. She’s got her bags packed and she is leaving. I’m actually quite proud of Ni Na. She runs into her sister and her sister immediately shifts all he blame onto her. She says all they did was what Ni Na wanted. Cunning Cousin is a truly horrible person. I hope Ni Na leaves and never comes back.

Let Me Sleep Here

While Angel Dan is studying his Bible looking for clues to help them, he hears a knock at his door. Yeon Seo is standing there with her pillow. I am cracking up at him trying to study while Yeon Seo is on his bed telling him to come over there. Angel Dan has no clue that she’s stressing about him dissipating. They lay there all snuggled together, holding each other tight and hoping that their days aren’t numbered.

Yeon Seo Turns Fantasia Upside Down

Looking like a boss in a cool black and white houndstooth dress, Yeon Seo announces that Evil Aunt and Cunning Cousin are stepping down. Evil Aunt comes in to say her piece, but everyone’s phones start ringing. There is an article about Uncle was the one who blocked the cornea transplant. We all know it was Evil Aunt, but for some reason her husband is trying to protect her.

Cunning Cousin Still Has a Plan

She gets down on her knees in front of Yeon Seo. Yeah, we all know she doesn’t mean it. She’s trying to get on Yeon Seo’s good side so she can stab her in the back. Yeon Seo calls her out on her act and suddenly Cunning Cousin is cold as ice. Cunning Cousin says family isn’t important, and that it’s fun now that Yeon Seo knows everything. We hear the dark whispers again… I still say Cunning Cousin is possessed.

Don’t Give Up

Kang Woo really wants Angel Dan to step down, but Angel Dan says he still believes in God’s plan for them. Yeon Seo tells Angel Dan that Butler Jung and Angel Dan are her family. They take adorable pictures at a photo booth, but poor Yeon Seo just crumbles. She blurts out for him to not disappear. Angel Dan comforts her and tells her that he will become a human. He sent his report in and prayed and he has faith. The clicking as the pictures fall into the tray sound ominous though.

Angel Dan vs. Kang Woo Again

Angel Dan is angry with Kang Woo and confronts him about telling Yeon Seo about the dissipating. Kang Woo is spouting off about how if God is fair then Angel Dan will dissipate. He’s so bitter and broken. I get it, his wife died, but there are a lot of differences between his situation and Yeon Seo and Angel Dan. For one, Angel Dan has been pretty up front with God about what he is feeling and how much he loves Yeon Seo. So I’m holding out hope that God’s plan for them isn’t for Angel Dan to dissipate.

It’s a Date

Kang Woo keeps writing reports but they all burn up. He must not be asking the right question. After a night of writing and receiving no answer, Angel Dan goes on a date with Yeon Seo. They take a picnic to their bench. They have a cute date at the park. As Yeon Seo goes over all the crazy ways for him to become human, she drags him to church. Oh, this is bad. Isn’t getting married what caused Kang Woo all his trouble?

Take Responsibility

And of course, just as they are talking marriage, a kid steps out in front of a TOD (Truck of Doom) and Angel Dan gets hit in the rescue. He’s hurt and passes out. At the hospital, he’s still hurt, he’s still wounded. What does this mean? Is he a human? They both wonder if this isn’t too easy, but Angel Dan says maybe his prayers were answered because he was sincere. All they can do is wait for rain to see if his wings pop out. She keeps trying to get him to marry her and he keeps saying no.

Here Comes the Rain

They test to see if Angel Dan has wings and they both pray as he stands in the rain with his arms out. Does he have wings? Nope, no wings! They are both hopeful for a future where he is human and they can be together. Angel Dan’s hankie doesn’t turn black, it stays silver. So I’m not sure if he’s an angel or human or some kind of hybrid. Uh oh, UH OH! Angel Dan is turning transparent! He races to the church to ask Sunbae. Sunbae says he’s still an angel. He tells Angel Dan that his body is telling him that time is almost up. His grief is so strong and L breaking my heart.

Don’t Say I’m Sorry

While Angel Dan deals with his grief he calls Yeon Seo to say he’s sorry, he will be late. He stops at a flower shop and picks out flowers The same flowers he told her they’d see in the Spring. Meanwhile, Yeon Seo and Ni Na meet in the locker room and Ni Na is devastated. Yeon Seo tells her cousin that her Giselle was good and she wants to be on the same team. She knows Ni Na wasn’t in on the Evil Family plan even though they all claim it was for her.

An Uncanny Wind

While Yeon Seo is on stage the spotlight is empty. Yeon Seo is gone! Sunbae walks up to Angel Dan and says that Angel Dan wasn’t the only one who had a last chance. Sunbae says that Yeon Seo was supposed to die and it’s time for her to die. No matter how much you try to escape, it will happen. Yeon Seo is back on the stage, but it can’t last. He walks up to Yeon Seo and tells her to marry him.

Final Thoughts

So it’s all about predestination. Yeon Seo isn’t even supposed to be alive. Angel Dan saved her when she was supposed to die, so she’s been living on borrowed time. I get that. It makes sense, but now what? Are they going to get married and then both die and be angels? There has to be some kind of ending where they are together, right? Right???

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