Angel’s Last Mission Recap: Love Episodes 27 & 28

Kmuse is still living it up on vacation so I’m with you two days this week also. We are getting closer to the end and that means our Angel and Ballerina will have to face some serious obstacles. We’ve had some really happy times with our OTP, so now they have to face all the issues ahead of them. I’ve already had to comfort one of the fangirls because she was sad. Just remember, it’s not over yet.


Angel Dan has made his choice. He will marry Yeon Seo. Both of them are worried about the other dying. They are breaking my heart, they want to marry each other and live for as long as they have. As they bicker about getting married she says she takes back her proposal, so he immediately drops to his knee and proposes to her. Oh, these two have to have a happy ending, they have to!

I’m Not Scared

Angle Dan stands in front of the altar at the church and has a one-sided discussion with God. He doesn’t believe that God would bring them together just to take them from each other (Me too!). Now he’s going to make sure she stays safe. That’s all good and great Angel Dan, but you are at risk too! He’s going to challenge the prophecy that Sunbae keeps talking about. Yeon Seo says she doesn’t care if he’s an angel or a human, she will hold on to him.

Asking the Butler for Permission

I’m cracking up laughing! Angel Dan and Yeon Seo meet with her “parent” which is Butler Jung. He gets on his knees, surprising poor Butler Jung, and asks permission to marry Yeon Seo. Yeon Seo is snickering and giggling because he looks so silly and tells Butler Jung to go along with him. Butler Jung gets in on the act and tells them NO! Suddenly, Yeon Seo begins to take it all very seriously and she jumps up and says she WILL marry Angel Dan and the wedding will be in a week. This leads to a little heart to heart between the two women. Awww, Butler Jung really cares for her.

Madame Elena and Ni Na

Ok, Madame Elena is really out of her mind. She’s totally crazy pants. She breaks a bottle, and then puts the glass in a ballet pointe shoe and hands it to Ni Na, meaning for Ni Na to ruin Yeon Seo’s feet. Ni Na hands her a large envelope of money and says thanks for the lessons. She won’t stoop as low as her family. Kang Woo shows up and confronts Elena. What is their connection? Ni Na is full of regret and very upset. Kang Woo gives her back her resignation letter.

Petty Sunbae

While Yeon Seo and Angel Dan go shopping for things for their home, all the salespeople have something petty to say about getting married. Except, they aren’t real salespeople, it’s Sunbae, following our couple around and poking at them. He’s trying to plant seeds of doubt so they will get mad at each other. Sunbae says since he can’t convince the angel, he will the human. Whoa! Angel Dan and Sunbae get into a physical fight! Sunbae says he can’t let Angel Dan dissipate. Of course, Yeon Seo walks in on them and she tells Sunbae not to hit her man. Yeon Seo flips the tables and tells Sunbae he’s Angel Dan’s only family and to come support them at their wedding. Sunbae says the wedding will not happen.

Full Speed Ahead

Angel Dan and Yeon Seo may be the only ones who support their marriage, but they are determined to get married. Angel Dan has drawn up an “invitation” with cute little portraits of them. So adorable! Yeon Seo tells him to tell the truth, he’s dated before, right? He asks if this means he’s good at it. LOL!

Loyalty Among the Evil Family

Evil Aunt and Husband are in an investigating room. Both are saying they are to blame for what happened. But, neither of them are to blame, it was Cunning Cousin who actually orchestrated the things that harmed Yeon Seo. As Cunning Cousin packs up her stuff, the lights go out. In walks Angel Dan. He tells her to stop here, she knows her crime best. She gets a gleam in her eyes when she looks at him. Ewwwww! She is trying to pet on him. She is completely crazy and evil. He tells her that no matter what she plans, he will be there to save Yeon Seo. Again, we hear the whispers around Cunning Cousin.

Call the Reporters

People are asking for refunds for Giselle, and Yeon Seo calls the reporters in to give an interview. She tells them to call it Fantasia’s Giselle, not Lee Yeon Seo’s Giselle. I love that she is giving credit to all the dancers who have worked so hard. They are filling the seats with people who have never seen a ballet. She hands Kang Woo a wedding invitation. He tells her she is insane. He continues to try to talk her out of it. He tells her that being human is a punishment, it’s not a reward to live without the one you love. Yeon Seo comes back with how disappointed his wife must be with his response to her sacrifice.

What Sacrifice Can I Make?

Yeon Seo meets with Sunbae and asks what sacrifice she can make so Angel Dan can live and be human. Sunbae says it won’t work for them to be together because her wanting live caused this problem to begin with, way back when Butler Jo died. She was meant to die and she said she wanted to live. It was a sin for Angel Dan to save her when she was supposed to die. He was supposed to dissipate then. Yeon Seo tells Sunbae to just watch, she WILL save Angel Dan.

Evil Family Meeting

Ni Na tells her family all of this is her fault because she was a coward and that she will live alone starting now. She has no family. Her sister grabs her and drags her away. Ni Na stands firm and tells her sister that she is wrong and everything she did while claiming to love Ni Na is wrong. Ni Na leaves the house and her family. Cunning Cousin is very angry, she screeches and we hear the whispers. I’m glad to see Ni Na standing up for herself, but I have a really bad feeling about crazy Cunning Cousin.

Marriage Vows

Have you ever tried writing marriage vows? On Yeon Seo’s first attempt, all she wrote was I love you, I love you. These two are so cute as they talk about babies. They tease about having ten children and Angel Dan points out that it will be bad to have a son with Yeon Seo’s personality. I love their teasing. She takes Angel Dan to meet her parents and Butler Jo. I have to say that this tradition touches my heart so much. I find it so respectful that they go to where her parents are and talk to them. Well, that went well until Angel Dan said he couldn’t stay with her long. He’s very honest with her that he will probably dissipate and she will need to stay strong and be happy. She tells him they need to promise that whoever is left behind needs to live a happy life.

Investigators Angel Dan and Kang Woo

Angel Dan watches Cunning Cousin take a bag of money to one of Fantasia’s workers. The thing is, all she does is give him money. Angel Dan and Kang Woo are investigating to see what she has planned. They need solid proof of what she is up to and right now they don’t have it. They turn the guy into a double agent and tell him to meet Cunning Cousin and report to Kang Woo. Angel Dan says he will deal with Cunning Cousin so Kang Woo needs to watch the staff. Kang Woo tells Angel Dan that angels aren’t supposed to interfere with human lives, and Angel Dan tells him he’s a desperate angel.

Understudies are Important

Ni Na shows up to the ballet studio and Yeon Seo tells her to start practicing so she can be Giselle. It’s obvious to us that Yeon Seo thinks she will die, but Ni Na is confused. Yeon Seo says she wants her understudy to be Ni Na so she can feel peaceful if she isn’t able to dance because she knows Ni Na will give it her all. Ni Na puts on her leotard and they practice together. It’s beautiful to watch the two dancers. I’m actually rooting for Ni Na here, while I don’t want Yeon Seo to die, I would love to see Ni Na’s Giselle, she’s so passionate.

The Wedding

Butler Jung has outdone herself, it’s all so beautiful. Angel Dan is adorably nervous and getting comfort from Yeon Seo’s service dog. Even Sunbae shows up with a cake, and a cute hairstyle. He’s really being supportive, but he also says that today will be the last day. Yeon Seo and Angel Dan make a gorgeous couple. Butler Jung beams at them with as much love and pride as any parent. It’s so beautiful and sad at the same time. They recite their vows and each of them vow to love each other all their lives. They say they will believe in themselves. Their vows go up in smoke and the wind blows around them.

I Just Want to Look At You

The next morning they keep staring at each other. Apparently, both of them kept waking in the night to look at each other too. It feels sweet and ominous at the same time. We know that something is going to happen, but we don’t know exactly what or to whom. Angel Dan leaves the house and he is walking with purpose and wearing all black. He’s meeting Cunning Cousin. Yeon Seo is at the church. She is having an earnest talk with God about how important Angel Dan is to her. She doesn’t plead for herself, but for Angel Dan. We see that both Angel Dan and Yeon Seo have knelt at the altar to make a deal with God to save the other person.

Final Thoughts

Next week I’ll be the one on vacation, so Kmuse will be writing both recaps. I’m keeping all my fingers and my toes crossed that we will have a happy ending for Angel Dan and Yeon Seo. I also want Ni Na to have a chance to shine. I’m very hopeful that there will be happiness for everyone. Well, not Cunning Cousin, because she’s a murderer, but everyone else. Even Grumpy Kang Woo deserves a chance to be happy.

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