Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Ep 29&30

It is a race to see who can be the biggest noble idiot of them all! And boy, is there some serious competition. Come join me as we chat noble idiocy and tragic moments in Angel’s Last Mission: Love episodes 29 and 30.

Sunbae takes a life

What the heck is going on here? Don’t our OTP (One true pairing) know that communication is key to a long and happy marriage? Instead, they are both determined to be the first to die in a noble idiotic attempt to keep the other safe

But, despite their best attempts — Angel Dan is stabbed and Yeon Seo tries to take a handful of pills — it is Sunbae Angel that sacrifices his life. He stops, and kills, the thug guy who was trying to kill Angel Dan. Because of this, he is dusted. But before he goes there is a beautiful monologue about Dan staying good. Sunbae tells him to “live like yourself unto the end.” Noble Idiocy averted…for now.

*note* I was kind of annoyed at the stabbing death fake out. It seemed that the writer was trying to squeeze a bit more emotion from the moment. Instead, it just made me a bit cranky.

Evil Cousin gets arrested

With the hired thug dead and the police investigating all his stuff, they discover all the murder conspiracy plots of Evil Cousin. Ni Na calls Evil Cousin and asks her to meet with her. At which point she is promptly arrested. Couldn’t have happened to a better bad guy.

But of course, being evil incarnate means that she is smarter then the average cop. Evil Cousin fakes a suicide attempt and once again escapes at the hospital. She is determined to cause havoc.

Quality Time

With their time limited, Yeon Seo and Angel Dan decide that the best way to spend it is together (glad that they were able to get past that “I want to die first” phase.) And after much argument, they decide that it will be spent with Yeon Seo performing as Giselle.

I understand Yeon Seo’s reasoning that her time is spent better with Angel Dan. But I also understand Dan’s interest in finding a way for her to go on without him. As Angel Dan stated, his happiness started when watching her do the Rainbow Dance so it is only fitting that it ends with watching her comeback as Giselle.

The Big Night

It’s opening night and Yeon Seo is looking gorgeous and ready to conquer. Before the opening, she introduces Angel Dan as her husband and beams with happiness despite the countdown before Angel Dan dissipates. We get a lot of ballet stuff (can’t really tell if it is good because I don’t know ballet. Any fans that know ballet, let us know in the comments!) that seems to go on for a long time. All while Evil Cousin skulks around in a black wig and a staff ID badge. During intermission, Angel Dan discovers Evil Cousin’s escape and looks for her. After a chase, he corners Evil Cousin, at which time, she throws a knife at him and tells him to kill her. He refuses and we see the police recapture the cousin. But her last words are chilling as she tells Dan that it was supposed to be him that she killed. Flashback to Evil Cousin running towards Dan’s back with a knife when Yeon Seo jumps in front of her and is stabbed. GASP!

The final curtain

Dan rushes to find Yeon Seo, only to find her performing her final big death scene on stage. Only, the blood on her costume is real. Yeon Seo decided to continue the performance despite being stabbed and dying. The logical person inside me is dying because this is so stupid and probably could have been prevented if she had only gotten medical help right away. But the drama fan side is cheering at the beautifully performed moment of death. Now we just have to wait and see if she is truly dead, or like Angel Dan with his earlier stabbing, is only passed out and about to be saved.

Final thoughts

While I love our OTP, the confusing religious storyline takes away from my enjoyment. It just doesn’t make sense. And at this point, even if they magically fix everything, my annoyance will remain. That said, my other main thought regarding these episodes is how did Yeon Seo’s blood wound remain so small and artistic as she bled out on the stage? It’s a quandary.

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