The Fangirls’ Japanese Drama Review: Your Home is My Business

Your Home is My Business is a fun, rather light show that has a lot of heart. It’s about a branch of a realty company that is not doing well, and a woman who is sent from the head office to shake them up.

Sangenya’s Style

Sangenya Machi is one of those curt, expressionless characters sometimes found in dramas who is smart and efficient and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She’s like the housekeeper Jennifer, in Thirty But Seventeen; with a traumatic past that keeps her from smiling. She’s very forceful. When she orders staff members to do something, she snaps, “Go!” so hard the wind blows her hair and impels them out the door immediately.

Even though she is stern, she is very empathic. She spends time with her clients to find out what they really are like and what their needs are. Some of them are a little crazy, like the family with the son who holes up in his room and never became independent. He is so shy that he hides inside a big box. (Can you see his legs sticking out underneath?) Sangenya creatively finds something to fit their lifestyle without trying to change them.

Some house buyers don’t know what they want until they see it. Sangenya meets up with one client at a park where he is hanging out with homeless people. Picking up on his remark that he really misses his mother’s freshly cooked rice, she finds him a house with features that he immediately loves.

She is known for going to great lengths to make a sale. Once she dressed up as a fortune-teller, and another time, she moved a client’s belongings into an apartment before they bought it just so they could see how it would look.

Sangenya’s Colleagues

The branch manager is Yashiro Dai. He’s a good guy but indecisive and not able to get much out of his employees. He begins to admire Sangenya however, and starts copying some of her ways, including her “Go!” technique. He learns enough from her to cope with his ex-wife when she shows up.

Sangenya often takes Niwano Seiji around with her as an assistant. He is shocked at the way she flushes out the hermit son from his bedroom (the guy in the box), but admires how she deals with two other clients who both want the same apartment. Then he begins to wonder what kind of relationship he could have with her. This show is not really a romance and it’s not demonstrative, but we do have a love triangle.

The only one who was already doing well before Sangenya came was Adachi Satoshi. You can pick him out from the other cute young guys by his bunny teeth. He is proud of finding the right home to make each family happy, and is distressed when a previous client wants an apartment for his mistress.

The only real slacker of the bunch is Shirasu Mika, who shops online at the office and has never sold a house. Sangenya starts by sending her out with sandwich boards and then has her hand out fliers. (Watch what she does with them.) Between being overly afraid of Sangenya and having a crush on Adachi, we get a lot of slapstick out of Shirasu.

Do we recommend this drama?

I really enjoyed it… after a second try. This is one of those shows I dropped for a while and then picked up again. Actually I was annoyed by the way the first episode ended, but the show was otherwise promising so I went back. It was cute enough that I binged the last third of the show! Even though it was full of surprises, it was a nice relaxing thing to watch in between episodes of Chief of Staff and Designated Survivor. Sangenya can be severe or calming, depending on the circumstance, and I looked forward to the stories of all the different clients who punctuated the ongoing story of the realty employees. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for the review. Your experience mirrored mine when I watched it last year and, like you, I enjoyed it after a second try.

    I ended up looking forward to how Sangenya would solve each client’s problems from one episode to the next. Even now, her ‘Go!’ still rings bells whenever the drama comes to mind and I think ‘Shirasu Mika!’ must be the second most uttered phrase at least during the first half the drama. 😂😂

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