First Impression: The Untamed

Calling all my bromance fans, I have a new drama for you. Here are my reasons you should check out The Untamed. Hint: Just look at all the pretty.

Everyone loves a good bromance, and when you add manes of glory and sword fighting, it ends up being the epitomy of bromance. Willing to fight with one another AND die for each other. Now that is what I call a perfect OTB (One True Bromance).

Wei Wu Xian is like a twittering bird, one who deserves it every time Lan Wang Ji uses his powers to zip his mouth for five minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong, the stick that Wang Ji has up his butt really does need to be loosened, and Wu Xian is the right person to do it. He’s persistent and really takes a liking to Wang Ji after they meet.

Lan Wang Ji is part of a very somber household that has a ridiculous amount of rules, but Wu Xian and his cousins are sent to attend the Lan family school. The two boys butt heads for most of the time Wu Xian attends, but you can tell that both of them intrigue the other. Wu Xian drives Wang Ji crazy with his careless ways, but he also impresses him with his knowledge.

Unfortunately, something horrible happens along their journey and Wei Wu Xian dies, but comes back sixteen years later. He’s resurrected with a mentally ill person’s identity (except he still looks the same), and he’s immediately thrown into the mix with Lan Wang Ji. Wu Xian wears a mask during their interactions, but it’s pretty clear Wang Ji suspects who he is.

The drama starts with Wei Wu Xian returning after being dead, and then we go back in time to see how they got there. I have watched eight episodes so far, and we’re still in the backstory, so I do not yet know what happened to Wei Wu Xian, or how much of the drama will take place during the backstory.

I have been entranced by the main characters (even with some green acting on both sides), but I’ve also found the rest of the characters interesting. Wang Ji’s older brother has some fantastic magical flute skills, and seems to be more in tune with Wang Ji’s emotions than he is himself. Wu Xian’s cousins both have their own love interests too.

If you know my tastes, you know that I like strong female characters and I want them complex! Well, one of my favorite actresses from Ever Night is our strong and complex woman, and she’s wearing red again. She is part of the Wen household and they are the ones out to make things hard for our OTB. But Wen Qing seems to have a soft spot for Wu Xian and his cousin.

Now, I will say, that there is not a female lead in this drama. Just our OTB. But I assume there will be romance from the other characters within the show, with heavily implied feelings between the OTB.

So, if you are in the mood for a fun magical story with bickering “brothers”, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s fifty episodes long, and is based off the novel “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation,” by author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu – the writer of “Scum Villain.”

Let me know if there are any other historical bromances I should check out.

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5 thoughts on “First Impression: The Untamed

  1. I’ve watched S1 of the donghua (animated verson) and skip read most of the novel, so I’m pretty much spoiled for the plot. 🙂 I’m still enjoying this one even though I know what’s coming. So far Drama has been pretty faithful the novel. The leads are kinda green on the acting department and it shows, but imho they are a nice fit for the parts they are playing. Both are idols btw and vocalists (good ones) in 2 different boy groups. Xiao Zhan (Wu Xian) especially has a really lovely voice.

  2. I think this drama tops Guardian as my favorite Chinese bromance. I love Xiao Zhan and he’s killing his character. I watched a Untamed fan night on Youtube and his own brash personality shows up through out the show especially in a question and answer with a fan, now I can see why he is perfect for the part and making it his own. Love the nose rub, so cute! I love his voice too! In the fan night, the two sing the theme song. It is very obvious Wang Yibo is using auto tune, but you can see Xiao Zhan is using his own beautiful voice live, with a few off key notes.

  3. Not historical or Chinese or a drama, two short movies from Japan – Seven Days: Monday -Thursday & Seven Days: Friday-Sunday.

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