In Time With You (JP) Episode 2 Recap

Having made a bet with each other about who will get married first, Yo and Ren do some thinking about how to accomplish that, and we find out how they really feel about each other.

We watch Maki carrying a huge stack of papers and are not surprised when she falls and Ren catches her. About the same time, Yo gets her heel caught in a manhole cover and falls in the street. She wishes she had a prince to catch her, but Maki looks like she might have found hers. Ren stalks off as four other guys help Maki pick up the papers.

We meet Yo’s family; her mom is cleaning her dad’s ears. Her older brother, Gaku, has a butterfly collection and talks constantly about insects; he seems to be a professor.

Yo meets her friend Marie for lunch and Marie signs her up with a dating app and makes three appointments for the same day. That day Yo listens to a horoscope show on the tv, which gives pink as that day’s lucky color and changes to a pink dress and shoes.

On her way to the first blind date, Yo again trips on her heels and this time is caught by a young man passing by. They speak briefly and both go on their way. None of the three dates turns out well. Remembering her ex-boyfriend’s words that she will never find love as long as she is so stubborn, Yo gives up and cancels the dating app.

Hearing from a friend about a shrine that boosts your love life, Yo drags Ren there with her. She prays that she will meet someone soon; but when he asks her what she prayed about, she lies that it was for him finding someone. He knows her better than that however and drags the truth out of her. He looks pretty fond of her. She buys a love charm with hearts on it.

Afterwards they wander into a wedding chapel and try on bridal finery. Would anyone really do that? I thought it was pretty random, but they look good. “Who will wear this first?” Ren asks. “I wonder if I can get married,” Yo muses. “You can,” he replies thoughtfully. Aww…

Ren and Maki leave a meeting with a client. (Oh, so temps go to meetings with clients now?) He notices that she doesn’t feel well and she admits that she is having her period. I would never have said a thing like that to a guy, but it works for her. They sit together and he lets her rest her head on his shoulder. She pulls away when he brings up the wedding chapel pictures on his phone, but he says Yo is just a friend. “Is friendship between a man and a woman really possible?” she asks, and laughs. “That means I still have a chance.”

Ren goes home to his older sister, who is divorced. She smells Maki’s perfume on him and asks if he was on a date. He tells her it was a co-worker and that she’s not bad. The sister muses that her husband wasn’t bad, and that “not bad isn’t enough to fall in love on. But sometimes you love someone even if it’s terrible.” He flashes back to watching an argument between Yo and her ex-boyfriend, who hugged her even when she was mad at him.

Yo and Ren meet at the grocery store and shop together for dinner with her family. She is comfortable enough with him to buy feminine hygiene products when he is there. Her parents treat Ren like another son, although her father clearly tries to promote the idea of him as a son-in-law by getting them to hold hands.

Afterward, Ren asks what Yo is looking for in a man. She answers, pleasant, kind, lets her have her own way most of the time, and can talk about anything. “Isn’t that me?” he asks quietly, as her mom looks out the door for the answer. “I’m serious!” she complains and walks away. “Don’t give up,” he offers. “God helps those who help themselves.”

The next day the horoscope show reports blue as the lucky color, and Yo notes that she is wearing a blue blouse. On her way to work she stops at a coffee shop but is distracted by a phone call and walks out without her coffee, accidentally dropping the little charm from the shrine. The same young man who had caught her from falling, notices and returns it to her. As she watches him walk away, she thinks about a prince appearing before those that help themselves.

There’s a lot of falling and catching in this episode, but remember it’s a remake of a 2011 show which was made before that got old. It is such an appealing story that it has been remade in Korea, China, and Thailand. Interestingly enough, in the original Taiwanese drama the female lead was named Cheng You Qing (there’s a Yo in there somewhere) and the male lead was Li Da Ren. (The Da Ren part is in Ishida Ren.) Let us know how you like this show!

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  1. Thank you for making recaps of this drama! I have watched the Taiwanese and Korean version before. Although I really liked the Taiwanese one I think this version is slightly better since it is more focused on the leads and they are so compatible both look- and chemistry wise. I noticed too that they chose similar names as the original for the leads here. That’s nice 🙂

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