A Fangirl’s Guide to ATEEZ

I. Am. OBSESSED.  Seriously.  Since the premiere of their second comeback album in June, my infatuation with rookie Kpop group ATEEZ has been unceasing.  I’m absolutely crazy about these boys and their fantastic music and can’t help but want everyone else to join me in the ATINY fandom.  So come, let me school you on ALL things ATEEZ!

But First, How It All Started

I blame Karie the Maknae.  It was only just this past February that she wrote a Kpop post highlighting her Top 5 ATEEZ MVs.  The songs’ melodies and vocals were ALL fantastic, as were the visuals of the accompanying music videos.  But alas, I had just completed a trans-Pacific move and was, sadly, too busy adulting to jump down the fangirl rabbit hole and learn more about this group.  However, over the last 6 weeks, I have been a fan on a mission.  I have scoured Youtube, Vlive, Twitter, etc., for any and all content about ATEEZ.  I may not have been there with them from their debut just 9 months ago, but I now consider myself a pretty hardcore ATINY (pronounced A-Teeny)!

A Short History Lesson

ATEEZ, originally started out as a nine-member group known as KQ Fellaz.  KQ Entertainment introduced them to the world through a YouTube series called KQ Fellaz 미국 연수기 (American Training).  During the 19 episodes, which aired from May-June 2018, the boys trained with various vocal coaches and choreographers.  The final episode of the series showcased a song called From written by the members accompanied by a MV filmed in LA.  

Following this was a pre-debut, 8 episode reality show called Code Name is ATEEZ.  It featured the confirmed eight-member team that we now know as ATEEZ (A TEEnager Z).  The show followed the group as they prepared for their upcoming debut and showcased each of the members’ personalities and talents.

Also during the summer preceding their debut, KQ Entertainment dropped three performance videos showcasing the teams stellar dance skills. 

Debut Time

ATEEZ officially debuted and released their first album Treasure EP. 1: All to Zero on Oct 24th 2018.  They also held a showcase for the album on the same day, marking the first live performance for the group.  

Just shy of 3 months later, on Jan 15th, 2019, they released their first comeback album titled Treasure EP. 2: Zero to One.  Ten days following the drop of their second album, they announced they would be hitting the road on their “Expedition Tour”.  They sold out ALL their shows – five stops in the U.S. (March) and 10 countries in Europe (April).  

June 10th, 2019 saw the release of their second comeback album Treasure EP. 3: One to All

Who’s Who?

These guys are so much fun and I love each and every one of their personalities.  As with most Kpop groups, they spend all their time together and have formed their own cute and zany brotherhood.  Let’s meet the guys!

Hong Joong is the team leader and sometimes referred to as the “dad” of the group.  He is a skilled rapper and songwriter, and can often be found working on music for the ATEEZ albums.  On stage it’s hard to tear your eyes away, as he exudes a ton of charisma during live performances.  In his spare time he channels his creativity into ‘reforming’ clothes – one of his tie-dyed shirts is featured in their most recent MV.  

Seong Hwa is the oldest member and holds the title of being the group ‘mom’ – probably due in part to his patient personality and the fact he’s often found cleaning up around the dorm.  His liquid vocals and gorgeous visuals are unmatched.  Don’t let his quiet persona fool you though — you’ll want to grab a fan before checking out his rendition of Baby Shark.

Yun Ho is a vocalist and main dancer of the group.  In many behind-the-scenes videos, you can find him helping out with choreography.  And if you can’t get enough of his moves, check out his dance covers on YouTube.  He loves spending time with his teammates and is usually referred to as the ‘energizer.’

Yeo Sang checks all the boxes as a vocalist, visual, and lead dancer for ATEEZ.  Like his role model V (from BTS), the rich timbre of his voice is both a surprise and a delight.  He loves sweets and flying drones whenever he gets the chance.

San isn’t the youngest group member, but he always acts like it!  He loves his plushies and his grandparents and sending hearts to ATINY.  Oh, and by the way, his vocals and dance moves totally slay.

MinGi never disappoints in his role as rapper and main dancer.  His deep vocals are a great counterpoint to HongJoong’s rap solos.  Keep your ears open, as he starts off his rap sections with the key phrase “Fix On” (a combo of ‘fix on’ to his voice + his last name, ‘Song’).

Woo Young hits the trifecta of talent like his pre-ATEEZ friend and fellow trainee, Yeo Sang.  His dynamic vocals are strongly featured in most of their songs.  Too bad that when they’re not performing, he gets harassed for being too loud.  

Jong Ho is the mighty Maknae of ATEEZ.  His voice is truly a powerhouse and absolutely stunning!  Need a sustained high-note?  No worries, Jong Ho has it covered.  When he’s not wowing audiences with his amazing voice, he loves playing all kinds of sports. And his hidden talent: breaking apples in half with his bare hands. For real.

**Yun Ho, Yeo Sang, San, Min Gi and Woo Young were all born in 1999 and have a special chant as the “99 Line” – it’s too cute, not to share. 

The Future Looks Pretty Bright

Due in part to their Expedition Tour, in less than a year ATEEZ has built up an impressive global fandom.  ATINYs worldwide have proven to be a fiercely supportive and faithful bunch of fans, helping ATEEZ gain not one, but two separate Korean music show wins this past month!  ATEEZ also made their second KCON appearance in NY, wowing crowds at the packed Madison Square Garden arena with their talent. 

It All Comes Back To The Music

While you can’t deny that ATEEZ has the whole package — dynamic vocals, phenomenal dance skills, and a powerful stage presence — I always circle back to the fact that every single one of their songs is fantastic.  Usually when I check out new albums, I only really like two or three songs well enough to add to my playlist.  But with ATEEZ, ALL their songs grab me. Even after repeated listening, they have yet to grow old.  That right there makes them an extremely special and unique group in my book.  

I always seem to pick the ‘least popular’ songs, so here are MY favorites off each of their albums:




Need More ATEEZ?

If you just can’t get enough, here are few more gems to feed your ATEEZ addiction.  

ATEEZ Wanted is kind a of reality/game show (similar to Run BTS) where the team members have to complete weekly challenges for a special prize at the end of the series.

And if you love behind-the-scenes footage as much as I do, check out the ATEEZ LogBook clips.  So much candid fun!

Thanks for letting me share my love for ATEEZ with you all — I really can’t rave about this group enough!!  Let me know in the comments below if you’re a diehard ATINY or new to the fandom!  

ATEEZ: 8 makes 1 team

ATEEZ + ATINY: 2 makes 1 dream



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4 thoughts on “A Fangirl’s Guide to ATEEZ

  1. I am so obsessed with ATEEZ as well. Didn’t know much about them until around March of this year. After KCON 2019, I upgraded from casual fan to ATINY. Seriously, love these guys and their music. I listen to Ateez on repeat at work… Ever since I saw them at KCON, I listen to nothing but Ateez, haha.

    They were phenomenal at KCON & MSG – they were actually my top performance of the first night. I usually don’t follow rookie groups very often as there tend to be too many to keep up with, but ATEEZ is the exception. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

    Fun fact: they were also recently signed to US label RCA. I’m excited to see them have US Representation and hope it adds to their exposure and success.

    • Oh my goodness, you saw them at KCON?!?! SQUEEEEE!!! That is SO fantastic – I would LOVE to be able to see them perform live! 😍

      They really have worked hard to stand out amongst their fellow rookie groups. I’m constantly amazed by how they carry themselves on stage and with their advanced choreography. They certainly don’t LOOK like the new kids on the scene!

      I’m also hopeful that their signing with RCA will give them more access to the US market! ATINY in the States have a lot of love to share with this awesome group. ☺️

      • If you get the opportunity, you must see them live. Their performance felt more like a veteran group than a rookie group. I can’t believe they debuted less than a year ago. As you said, they really do stand out and their choreography is mind-blowing. I wish I had been in Times Square when they randomly showed up and performed on KCON weekend.

        They performed at night one of KCON and let me tell you – their performance was ELECTRIC. So many great groups performed that night, but I feel like ATEEZ stole the crowds heart a bit more than the other groups.

        • I’m envious of you — I really want to watch them live! I couldn’t get tickets when they came through my part of the country this year, but maybe next time. And you’re very right — their choreo and their sound are well-developed and feel like a more established group. Thanks for pointing that out!

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