First Impression: Doctor John

Ever wonder what Shin Se Gi mixed with Ahn Yo Na from Kill Me, Heal Me would be like? Well… I’ve seen glimpses of both of those characters in the first two episodes of this drama and I am enthralled!

I’d bore you with the synopsis, but every one I’ve found doesn’t really cover what the drama is about. So I’m just going to ramble. I honestly didn’t have a clue what the drama was about except that it took place in a hospital. If there is anything that gives me hives more that sageuk politicking, it’s the kind that takes place in medical dramas. So many poor people are left to die while the administration lines their pockets. Or, in this case, there is only one GEEEENUIS person who can save every patient from a very rare disease.

Kang Shi Young (Lee Se Young) is a second year resident anesthesiologist who is not currently working as a doctor. Her uncle calls her to the prison he manages for a part time job, where she does checkups on the prisoners. I had no idea that Lee Se Young was the lead of the drama. I have a huge crush on her, and I’m happy she’s continuing to get great roles.

Except, there is already a resident doc on call, he just happens to be one of the prisoners. Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung) is serving a three year sentence and he likes to fill his time expertly diagnosing other prisoners and chasing away incompetent doctors.

I rolled my eyes SOOO many times when Yo Han would swoop in and be the only one in the room who could take care of the patient. I’m pretty sure every prison has to have a licensed doctor on the premises.

Shi Young quit being a doctor because of a tragic event that happened two years ago, and after spending some time with the oddball Yo Han (dude takes his shirt off and disinfects himself in the cleaning closet… not that I’m complaining) she begins to have hope that she can take up the mantel as a doctor again.

Another eye roll came when the case of the week was sent to the hospital and even the resident hottie doc couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him without Cha Yo Han’s help.

In the end, Cha Yo Han is released from prison, and magically gets his job back (?) and Shi Young goes back to complete her residency.

The other hottie I adore (Lee Kyu Hyung) seems to be on the bad guy side of things. He’s the prosecutor who put Yo Han in prison, and he’s determined to make sure he goes back there again. He seems to have a personal stake in the case that sent Yo Han away, but they haven’t made that clear.

All on all, by the end of episode two the show is set up to be your typical medical drama. And your typical Ji Sung drama. He is going to be the most amazing person in the room, both as a character and as an actor. He’s going to tug at your heart, and make you fall for him really hard. I really enjoyed the rest of the cast, and swooned pretty hard for both Lee Kyu Hyung’s colder character and the hottie ER doc. Lee Se Young held her own, and really made me love her even more.

Verdict? I’m still not going to watch it. But for those of you who love medical dramas, or aren’t allergic to them, like I am, you should really give it a try.

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2 thoughts on “First Impression: Doctor John

  1. The cheeseball factor is pretty high in this one. I was with you on the eyerolls. I’m going to stick it out for a while, though, because I lurv the leads 😀

  2. I almost dropped this drama too since I thought it was going to a ‘disease of the week’ but stuck with it because of the leads and am really glad. Very interesting story so far.

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