4 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Love and Destiny

There is something so magical about starting a new fantasy themed Chinese drama and getting really hooked. Of course, you can say that about most Chinese dramas, but the ones that tend to resonate long term belong to the fantasy genre. Come join me as I convince you that Love and Destiny is your next great binge.

#4 Reason

I think one of the first things that drew me to this drama was the fact that it is in the same fictional universe as the drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. This fact comes into play even more when you realize it is the same directing and creative team that did TMOPB. The vibe of the drama is very similar and that alone made me want to watch more of Love and Destiny.

#3 Reason

Chang Chen is an actor that has an extensive filmography. However, he has never done a drama until now. His tortured portrayal of the God of War is really working for me. Despite the lack of facial expressions. I guess some actors just do stoic well and it is a benefit to this character. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy seeing him thaw out in future episodes…maybe with some romantic smooches.

#2 Reason

You can’t say no to a drama that has a couple with good chemistry. Or at least I can’t. Sure, I have not gotten past the initial phase of their relationship but even now I love the OTP (One True Pairing) to bits. I think that having both actors be slightly older and more experienced in film adds to their chemistry. Their acting styles gel very well and that increases the pleasure we get from seeing them together. I might have also seen a few of the more romantic scenes that are to come while watching the closing credits. Let’s just say I am a fan of their skinship and leave it at that.

#1 Reason

And the number one reason why you should be watching this drama is because NiNi is freaking brilliant! Her ability to settle into the character of Ling Xi has me coming back time and again. While I have enjoyed other actresses in similar roles (Yang Mi & Zanilia Zhao) NiNi brings an effortless sincerity to the character. There is no break between her as an actor and the character she is portraying and I am 100% engrossed in her journey.

There you have it. All the reasons you should join me in this Chinese drama journey. You might be asking where you can find subbed episodes of Love and Destiny. Sadly, they are not airing on Viki or Netflix at this time. However, you can find them being subbed Here on Youtube (legally). The subbing is slowly coming along so if you hit a wall where the subs are not complete, give them a few days to finish it. But I am willing to wait for such an amazing drama and I hope you all are to.

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