5 Reasons to watch Le Coup de Foudre

Oh my gosh! I just stumbled upon another drama based on one of my favorite Chinese novels! Le Coup de Foudre (French for love at first sight) is based on the novel I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You. The novel was very slice of life and I really enjoyed the insight into why the characters liked each other. Beware: Small spoilers ahead.

Reason #1 We already know the end game

A married couple gives us a glimpse into their relationship through a series of flashbacks and memories of their lives. They were deskmates in school and fell in love, but they were separated for many years before reconnecting. As they tell their story of love and loss, we get little nuggets of their everyday life in the present day.

Reason #2 Not Your Normal Tsundere Lead

Yan Mo is the #1 student and Zhao Qiao Yi is usually at the very end of the list. Yan Mo doesn’t think Qiao Yi is dumb though. He sees her bubbly personality and her perseverance as qualities that are as important as his book smarts. I think that my favorite part about this is that he just likes her and he doesn’t have a concrete reason why. That’s the reason why the book is titled, I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You.

Reason #3 Sismance!

Qiao Yi’s bestie Wu Yi is adorable and dedicated. They are closer than sisters and support each other through all of life’s trials and triumphs. Even when the two are mad at each other, they still stand beside each other. When Wu Yi showed up to school in the wrong uniform and was being reprimanded in front of the entire school, Qiao Yi ran and changed to match Wu Yi so she didn’t have to suffer alone. That’s sisterly love right there, you can be mad, but you can’t stand to see the other one suffer.

Reason #4 Qiao Yi’s Stepdad

All too often we see stepparents in Asian dramas as the evil outsider. This drama is different though because Qiao Yi’s stepfather is loving and supportive. When he fell in love with their mom, he fell in love with the whole family. He’s a Dad who makes them all feel safe and loved and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

Reason #5 The Author Based It On Her Own Life

While some of this has been embellished for the book and the drama, the characters are based on real people. There are many realistic aspects to the story that people can relate to as the characters go through their successes and failures. The story is charming in it’s realism and it feels more like peeking in someone’s diary than watching a drama.

I could list many more reasons why you should watch, but I held myself back. As much as I could keep gushing over our OTP and secondary stories, you really need to see it for yourself. Make sure and leave a comment with what you thought of this drama.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to watch Le Coup de Foudre

  1. I agree with the writer. I am going through some really tough times in my life right now and just happened to stumble into the drama by chance. I rarely watch coming-of-age, youth or school-life dramas but am glad I clicked it. Lighthearted and sweet, it made me smile unknowingly, which is what I need at the moment. i believe, dramas, like songs too, can soothe the tired and sad mind. Reminded me of my own youth and the good times that have always been there. Days don’t seem that gloomy or hopeless anymore.

  2. I agree. This drama offers a lot feels and squee. The opening theme is super cute (it’s on my spotify playlist). For me, Le Couo de Foudre is one of the best modern dramas in the coming of age category.

  3. I’m halfway and loving this. I even landed up thinking about it at 2am this morning (I restrained myself from getting up and watching another episode, thank goodness!) I enjoy the stepfather; he is my 2nd favourite Chinese dad after the Go Ahead dad. I also like that the story has substance (it’s not all fluff) and there aren’t lots of really nasty characters – that’s just so exhausting.

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