Top 5 MVs: Go Go Squid OST

There’s something about the OST to Go Go Squid that speaks to me. I’m at an age now where I can look back and regret some of the things I did or didn’t do while I was young, but I can also appreciate the journey before me.

What can I say? I totally get Han Shang Yan. And Mi Shao Fei. The music to Go Go Squid perfectly captures that feeling. Come see if you feel it too!

Chen Xue Yan — “Nameless Generation”

Li Xian — “For the Future”

Can I just say that if your male lead can sing like this, why in the WORLD would you insert a dubbed song the ONE TIME he sang in the drama? Just sayin’.

Dimash Kudaibergen — “Couldn’t Leave”

I can’t tell you how much this song speaks to me on so many levels, mostly because this isn’t therapy hour with the Maknae. Instead, enjoy Dimash’s divine voice.

Lara Veronin – “Glory”

Girl rock! Part of the reason that this soundtrack is PERFECTION.

Yang Zi — “Milk Bread”

I love that Yang Zi/Tong Nian can sing — no faking for our lead! And I don’t think she was dubbed in the drama when she sang.

There you have it, drama music fans — the OST to Go Go Squid. I know I left a couple of songs off — did I miss your favorite? What songs in the OST spoke to you? Let me know!

Until the next video plays, I remain–

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 MVs: Go Go Squid OST

  1. Ilove Nameless Generation for its lyrics. They are just so on point and I myself related with Mi Shaofei too. Gun was way too perfect but MS’s vulnerability comes close to home. It was such a good fluffy show but I’m glad it also had a solid message. I would really like the propaganda to be toned down a bit though and also Tong Nian was such a perfect and capable female lead but well the show was more about Han Shangyan.

    • Oh, that is an EXCELLENT point. The show really is about Han Shangyan. I have to agree with everything you said — and you’re right. The lyrics to “Nameless Generation” are AMAZING.

  2. I love the OST! I made my own Apple playlist with 8 songs (under my son’s name, Kenji because he took over our account, lol) Azora Chin – Love Can’t Decide is another favorite along with Nameless, Glory & Couldn’t Leave. All the songs are great, I’ve listened endlessly … I’m really beginning to see why some of you are big fans of Chinese dramas . I also adored Le Coup De Foudre, Evernight & Guardian.

    • When Chinese dramas get it right, they get it REALLY right. I’m loving my foray into fluffy Chinese romances. I’ve started Le Coup de Foudre, but Put Your Head on My Shoulder is the one that I’m binge-watching right now. I’ll get back to Le Coup as soon as I finish….

  3. Really love this drama… really love this couple .. really love all the songs

    do you have song name : hai kuo thien kong in mandarin version ?
    we always hear in this drama .
    i can not find it .. pls share if you have … ๐Ÿ™‚

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