Kmuse’s Musings: VIP & Hell is Other People Teasers

There is something about the last days of summer that get me in the mood for brisk autumn temps, hot cocoa, and some seriously intense Korean dramas. I like to throw off the fluff of those summer romantic comedies and prepare to be scared, surprised, and thrilled by the fall drama fare.

Lucky for me, it looks like there are a few dramas that will fit that bill and since these teasers just dropped in the last 24 hours I wanted to take a glance at Hell is Other People and VIP.

Let’s start with Hell is Other People. I tend to enjoy OCN programming for the most part. It gives me that dose of gritty crime dramas that you just can’t find elsewhere beyond cable. With this drama, it feels like we will have a gritty misunderstood country bumpkin living in the big city.

The teasers have had more of a horror-drama vibe. Which I adore to no end. However, the story is about an introvert that has to go out of his comfort zone and live in a rundown communal living apartment complex. So the chance that this flips into a slice of life, quirky character show, is pretty high. It is based on a Webtoon and I am very curious to know which direction the story takes us. So if you have read it, then drop me a note in the comments. Curious minds are aching to know.

To be perfectly honest, before the teaser for VIP dropped I had pretty much put this drama on the back burner. The working class having to deal with rich entitled annoying people at a department store is not my idea of a fun drama experience. But, the first teaser has snagged my curiosity enough to where I deem it worth a look-see. If nothing else, Jang Na Ra looks amazing in that color of lipstick. Yes, I am that shallow as to let that sway me to watching and episode or two.

So there you go. The two latest teasers to hit the dramaverse. Which will you be watching? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check back in a few weeks as we review both dramas in our First Impression series.

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