Top 4 Reasons to Check Out Mr. Temporary

Are you looking for a sharp revenge drama that includes a ton of entitled high school comeuppances? Then check out the reasons you should be watching Yoon Kyun Sang’s newest drama Mr Temporary.

Synopsis: Ki Moo-Hyeok (Yoon kyun-Sang) is a lawyer with a high winning rate. He only cares about money. Due to a murder case at a high school which he deals with, his reputation as a lawyer hits rock bottom. In order to regain his good name as a lawyer, he sneaks into the high school and begins to work as a temporary teacher. He tries to reveal a secret which the students have. (Asianwiki)

#4 Talented New Actors

Kmuse: Jun (from U-KISS) and Kim Myung Ji both have me taking notice as they play two of the entitled rich kids who (probably) murdered their schoolmate. While I wouldn’t watch the show if it was just them, they did make me notice them enough to want to see them in projects in the future.

Kdrama Jen: I kind of fell for Jun during the Kpop reality show The Unit. He is a talented singer and dancer, and now he can add actor to that list. I am torn because I want to like him, but I suspect his character has done some dastardly things. I have to add Choi Kyu Jin to this young group of new actors. He was also in Crowned Clown, but I have to say he is drawing my eye as he plays the privileged son who stalked the girl who was murdered. This is definitely a young cast with potential. I think we may look back on this, the way we look back at Moon Embracing the Sun and School 2013 for some of today’s hottest actors as the beginning for some of these young actors.

#3 The Cinematography & Styling

Kdrama Jen: The opening scene is pretty graphic. There is like Chinese drama level of blood, so if that makes you squeamish, then you should probably fast forward.

Kmuse: The opening credits make me smile every time they come on. They are just so stylish and get me pumped for the next episode. I also really appreciate how the director is giving us a lot of various Yoon Kyun Sang stylings. My personal favorite is bumbling professor wearing glasses. Its a good, secretly sexy, look.

#2 Morally Gray Character Development

Kdrama Jen: Yoon Kyun Sang’s character lacks…character? For much of the first episode I was kind of just fascinated by the slimy and morally grey conduct of our leading lawyer.

Kmuse: I actually love morally gray anti-heros so I am 100% behind on this story arc. I hope that they don’t try to turn him into a sobbing emotional mess who wants everyone to be happy and kumbayaing. That would make me cranky.

Kdrama Jen: Now that I am a little further into the show, I can see how he balances some of his questionable behaviors. I still think he may have a desire to win more than a desire for justice, but that is what is making the show so compelling.

#1 Yoon Kyun Sang

Kdrama Jen: Ever since he caught my eye as the big brother in Pinocchio, then stole our hearts in Six Flying Dragons, and completely left me smitten after Rebel: Thief of the People, I will try anything starring Yoon Kyun Sang. Some of his recent drama choices have been hit or miss, but he always commands the spotlight. In Class of Lies (or Mr. Temporary as it is called on Viki) he certainly does it again.

Kmuse: Yoon Kyun Sang’s performance is 99% why I am continuing with this show. The basic story line is interesting, despite female teacher being really naive and annoying, but it wouldn’t keep me watching without him being the lead. He brings this intense energy and charisma to the role and it grounds the unlikely story. In short, he makes me care about what is going on.

Final Thoughts

Kmuse: While I don’t really care about what happens to a lot of the side characters, Yoon Kyun Sang’s character makes me continue watching. I need him to get revenge and clear his name. Since I am already halfway through and still enjoying the drama I predict this will be an easy one to watch to the end.

Kdrama Jen: I think about this show even during the week, so it is one I am definitely invested in and sub-stalking. I agree, though, that Yoon Kyun Sang’s scenes are the best part. I am not sure if they are trying to hint at a potential relationship with the physical education teacher or not, but I am not feeling it. I really want our temporary teacher to hook up with the prosecutor, but I don’t think this will be one of those shows. Still, I am enjoying this very much!

So, are you watching? If so, what are your top reasons for watching this revenge drama set in an elite high school?

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4 thoughts on “Top 4 Reasons to Check Out Mr. Temporary

  1. I’m always up for revenge dramas, so this one looks pretty interesting. Also like morally grey characters, and I know Yoon Kyun Sang will play that well 🙂

    • You are so right, Kay. Yoon Kyun-Sang really does excel at the morally gray characters. I just finished this one, and while I didn’t love it overall, I did enjoy Yoon Kyun-Sang’s character and the way he handled the dual role as cut throat lawyer/sympathetic teacher.

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