First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: I Wanna Hear Your Song

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there has been a lot of remixing of the same old drama tropes and stories lately. I’ve been craving something different and I Wanna Hear Your Song has offered up just that. Join Kmuse and I as we share our thoughts on this new musical, murder mystery.


A murder takes place. Hong Yi Young, who is a timpanist, does not remember what happened on the day of the murder. She is simple-minded and suffers from insomnia. Hong Yi Young looks for a job. She happens to meet Jang Yoon. He is bad at singing but is a pianist in an orchestra. To help with Hong Yi Young’s insomnia, Jang Yoon calls her every night. They try to find the truth about the murder. Meanwhile, Nam Joo Wan is an orchestra conductor. He has charisma and showmanship. Ha Eun Joo is a violinist in the orchestra. She is arrogant. (MyDramaList)


MiataMama: At the end of the first two episodes, I have a LOT of questions. I really want to know how everyone is connected so I can start formulating theories – I love me a good mystery! But I will have to be patient, as the details are coming slowly and mostly thru Yi Young’s flashbacks. I do love the use of the orchestral music throughout. Not just in the scenes where the symphony is actually practicing/playing, but as part of the BGM as well. 

Kmuse: I am also loving the Orchestra aspect of the drama. Especially since she is playing an instrument that rarely, if ever, is focused in dramas. And, just like MiataMama, I have so many questions! How are all these people related. What happened in the months that Yi Young can’t remember? The plot really does have me pushing play on the next episode because I need answers.


MiataMama: Hong Yi Young plays the drums! I LOVE that she isn’t a typical haughty flautist or violinist. She seems pretty positive about life, considering her 3-month memory gap and the fact she doesn’t know if she is responsible for murdering someone or not?! I’ve not seen Kim Se Jung in either of her prior dramas, but so far I’ve been impressed with her acting for this character.

Kmuse: I feel like I should know this actress, but even after checking MDL I don’t remember her in any previous roles. So far I am liking her well enough. I will admit that the second hand embarrassment has gotten to me once or twice. This girl really needs someone to cut her a break.

MiataMama: Yeon Woo Jin is killing me as the tone-deaf pianist Jang Yoon – his singing. . . oh sweet goodness, I have NO words, lol! At this point he’s still a bit of an enigma; is he a stalker or is he there to help Yi Young regain her memories? I’m still on the fence when it comes to his intentions, but he’s got a smug charisma that keeps pulling me in. 

Kmuse: Woo Jin won me over after informing our clueless leading lady that he was trying to seduce her. His mix of stalker/cute guy who helps our leading lady fall asleep is very endearing so far. I am also interested to see how they come together to solve the mystery of those missing months and the murder that occurred.

MiataMama: Song Jae Rim plays the egotistic symphony conductor, Nam Joo Won. I already despise him and am pretty sure he’s hiding something sinister. (I can’t help it with the theories, sorry!) And Park Ji Yeon, as Ha Eun Joo, is the first-chair violinist prima-donna that you can’t help but hate. I’m certain these two characters are going to be a source of much trouble and distress for Yi Young

Kmuse: Is there ever a time where you don’t love Song Jae Rim? He could be a serial killer and I would still be cheering his cute little tukas along. And for all we know, he might be. Only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

MiataMama: I really didn’t want to like this drama – my drama plate is FULL! But I think I will have to move one of my other shows to the back burner so I can continue to pursue I Wanna Hear Your Song. I’m enjoying the main leads and the unique storyline has my curiosity piqued.

Kmuse: The unique storyline and characters have me choosing to keep this on my simulcast list. I especially enjoy all the classical music that we get to listen to during the episodes. The music fan inside of me is jumping in happiness. My only complaint is that I don’t feel a ton of chemistry with the OTP (one true pairing). But so far their individual stories and performances have kept me invested.

How about you drama fans, will you be watching? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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