In Time With You (JP) Episode 6 Recap

Everyone tells a little about their past in this episode. Ren thinks he is giving himself a chance to fall in love with Maki. Yo thinks Ren and Maki don’t know each other well enough for marriage. Maki thinks getting to know each other after they are married is fine.

Yo wakes up late after her girls’ night out. Things get a little chaotic as her dad tries to treat her hangover with a little more beer and her mom gets annoyed with all the drinking and starts throwing laundry at everyone. In the middle of all this her brother comes in with a call from the phone shop.

Yo retrieves her phone. The consequences of not having your phone become apparent when Ren comes to pick her up for their annual camping trip and Maki tags along, announcing that she and Ren are dating. This is Yo’s cue to be grumpy.

They found a real camping site in the mountains to shoot this scene, I’ll give them that. There’s a real river that Ren and Maki walk along. He tells her that he and Yo go camping whenever one of them is depressed.

The three of them sit by the campfire at night telling sad stories from their past. Ren shares that he had been recruited into a boys band and then dropped when the other members decided they didn’t need him.

Yo tells about the boyfriend she had lived with when she was 24, Ryusei Mizusawa. He had told her she was wonderful and she had given him money to start a company. Then one day he had taken all his things from their apartment and disappeared without an explanation.

Maki tells the other two that her mother had married and divorced four men and at least two of them were terrible. Her goal is to marry a kind man and not put her own children through anything like that. Ren looks a little stressed. The girls retire to their tent while he sits out by the fire thinking. Finally he mutters, “I don’t love you yet.”

In the morning Ren and Yo are up first and have a serious talk. Yo tells him that they shouldn’t have come camping since he has a girlfriend. Suddenly having enough of seriousness, she starts laughing and ruffles up his hair. As he reciprocates, we see Maki in the tent looking like a thundercloud.

We get a few scenes of them all at work. Yo and Marie talk out ideas with their staff for the new line of shoes. Later Marie comes back with the approval from the CEO, to cheers all around.

Ren and his team talk about their latest development project as Maki pesters him with trivia questions so she can get to know him better. Then he gets a call from a possible client and his boss is super excited that this could be an anchor tenant.

Ren’s mom asks him to get Yo’s help in picking out something special for her to wear when she receives an award for her translation work. Yo comes up with something loose and flowing in the front but with a structured back rather like a kimono, which Mom loves. Maki hears about it and feels slighted. She decides Yo is in her way and decides to get her a boyfriend.

Ren’s sister Makoto watches Ren and Yo wrangle Maki’s latest question of who he would take to a desert island. Yo says she would take a friend rather than a boyfriend so she wouldn’t have to try and look good. Ren retorts that he wouldn’t notice anything even if she were naked. (This kind of remark is why she doesn’t think he likes her.) After Yo leaves, Makoto advises her brother that compromises don’t last. Either he and Yo will end up as a couple or they will separate and never meet again.

Ren’s boss and CEO put a lot of pressure on him to sign this new client, and when the client finally comes to meet them, they all gather excitedly. As Ren walks into the room he sees that it is Yo’s boyfriend who had disappeared! Ryusei looks confrontational at first, but when he sees Ren’s horrified look, he smiles tauntingly and holds out his hand. We end the episode right here.

As wacky as Makoto is sometimes, we feel that her pronouncements have weight. This story will indeed go down one path or the other and may tease us with which way it chooses. Maki is really unsettled, and we are just lucky that people in this drama are basically normal and nice and that she decided on the kind of revenge she did!

Pretty Proofreader Episode 6

She’s not the only one who doesn’t understand how a man and a woman could just be friends, however. The other day, I was tickled to come across Adachi Rika, who plays Yo, voice the same concern in another drama!

The scene with Ren and Ryusei portends trouble, even though we have known this guy was going to turn up. In the next episode the story is going to blow up in our faces.

We hope you are all there to see it!


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