Top 5 Kpop MVs: Onewe

You know what I love? Discovering a new group in their very beginning stages and being absolutely blown away by their talent. It happened with ATEEZ, and now MiataMama and I have discovered Onewe. Come see our favorite songs from this brand new band!

Karie the Maknae: So this all was sparked when MiataMama sent me a Naver video of Onewe playing “Regulus” on M Countdown. The tightly controlled melody was layered with some incredible guitar playing by Kanghyun, and THEN Yonghoon opened up with some soaring vocals and I was a GONER.

MiataMama: Recently I’ve been on the hunt for some new rookie groups to journey along with and Onewe has definitely captured my attention. (And of course I immediately had to share my discovery with Karie the Maknae.) I love unique songs and “Regulus” hits ALL the right notes for me! Especially Yonghoon’s voice – it’s so warm, yet gives me chills all at the same time. I still haven’t recovered yet!

Read on to learn a little more about Onewe.

Company: RBW

Members: Kanghyun plays the guitar, Yonghoon is the main vocalist (talk about PIPES), CyA raps and plays the bass, Dongmyeon plays the keyboard and sings (fun fact: his twin brother Dongju, aka Xion, is in the group Oneus!), and Harin is on the drums.

Genre: Kpop Rock

Debut: May 2019 (as Oneus; formerly known as MAS and M.A.S 0094)


MiataMama: This song is truly a masterpiece. I recommend looking up the translated lyrics as well – it only adds to the feels that this song evokes. (KtM: This video has a GREAT translation.)

“Ring on my Ears”

“Reminisce about All”


MiataMama: I love this one too – such a sunny, happy vibe! It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite K-Indie bands, Busker Busker.

“Love Me”

Bonus Track: Oneus and Onewe – “Last Song”

Karie the Maknae: The boys are labelmates, which is a win-win for all the rest of us!

MiataMama: Omo! This collaboration is so much fun!!! I’m on my third listen already . . .

“Regulus” – live on M Countdown

Karie the Maknae: Here’s the performance that started it all!

MiataMama: It amazes me how their live performance surpasses their studio recording. Pure talent right here!

What do you think, k-fans? Will you be listening to more Onewe in the future?

Until the next record spins, we remain–

Karie the Maknae & MiataMama

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