First Impression & Unfiltered Thoughts: Strangers From Hell

Im Siwan & Lee Dong Wook are back in the thriller webtoon-turned-drama, Strangers From Hell. Come find out my first impressions and unfiltered thoughts as I share whether this suspense drama is worth watching?

Warning: Minor spoilers for the first few episodes ahead.

I began this drama thrilled that Siwan was back from the military, and he chose a show that might highlight his acting skills. I was equally as excited to see Lee Dong Wook stretching out of his rom-com niche into something new. How could this possibly go wrong?

Famous last words since what I got was a drama that gives me the jibbers (not in a good way) and makes every character unlikable. Never have I been so creeped out right from the start. And yes, I know that is what the drama is about, but I expected there to be the occasional lull where character development occurred. Instead of development, we were introduced to various renters, each one more disturbing in personality than the last.

And don’t even get me started on how terrifying that hostel was. I literally felt claustrophobic watching the drama and had to change to my TV where there was more open space around me. The dank and dreary lodgings filled to the brim with obvious murderers was horrid. If the lack of character development hadn’t put me off this show I am sure the feelings I got while watching the leading man walk down that hallway would have had me dumping the show sooner then later.

I won’t go into great detail other than to say that cats and people were murdered. Yup…cats which is almost as disturbing as the mounting body count. And not once did I feel interested in finding the details surrounding the killers, which in my opinion is the worst thing to happen in a suspense drama. That combined with a leading character which I felt no connection with makes this drama a huge pass.

If you are someone who does not like horror and violence then this is definitely not the drama for you. Even those that enjoy suspense/thrillers, as I often do, might not find this drama appealing. As always, I recommend giving it a try for yourself if you are doubting my opinion and find out for yourself. As for me, I will be kicking this show to the curb and hope that Siwan’s next performance is more to my tastes.

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6 thoughts on “First Impression & Unfiltered Thoughts: Strangers From Hell

  1. There isn’t anyone here watching this drama?
    I look up for strangers from hell ending discussion because it’s not really clear but i can’t find anything here.

    I think it’s not that creepy.
    Maybe it’s because I’m Lee Dongwook fan and maybe because i find him sexy when he’s killing people 🙄🙄

    • Sorry. It left me feeling really uncomfortable with the torture themes and I couldn’t make it past ep 3. I have only seen a handful of my twitter feed that watched to the end. Maybe discuss on M yDrama List or Soompi discussion boards?

      • Well this drama is supposed to be creepy and make the viewers uncomfortable so i think this drama is a success.
        Not necessarily bad but maybe it’s too creepy for several people.
        I don’t really mind gore so i don’t think this is scary at all. It’s different if this drama has ghosts in it.

    • Finally someone that I agree with it was scary and creepy ngl especially the jump scares but I enjoyed it cause he looked really sexy killing people and I looked forward to it ik I’m a psycho.
      But I loved the ending especially I thought it would end like any other drama by the killer getting caught but I didnt expect this at all I was convinced that dong wook was the one who killed them all but the plot twist ooof it gave me goosebumps 😭😭

  2. So glad that you also agree and thought it’s a big pass. No connection with any of the characters; I didn’t care or was curious about any of them. The first couple of episodes were intriguing and creepy but afterwards, it just got boring and predictable.

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