Podcast 76 – Marry, Kiss, & Dump (down a cliff): The High School Edition

School is back in session which makes us take a moment to reminisce about our favorite (and least favorite) high school kdramas. Come find out which we would recommend as we play Marry, Kiss, & Dump the high school edition.

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Dramas Mentioned

  • School 2015
  • Heirs
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Weightlifting Fairy
  • Dream High
  • Sassy Go Go
  • Shut Up Flower Boy Band
  • Orange Marmalade
  • School 2013
  • What’s Up
  • Sky Castle
  • Moments of Eighteen

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 76 – Marry, Kiss, & Dump (down a cliff): The High School Edition

  1. What’s Up was so underrated but really a good drama. It even had a cameo by Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Young Don, the twin male dancers in YG.

  2. This podcast made me realize I haven’t watched that many Korean high school dramas. Makes the choosing simple. First, I dropped Orange Marmalade on MDL so I’m dumping it again. You disappointed me, drama, so goodbye. Then I’ll make-out with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jung Suk in School 2013. Finally, I’ll marry Moment at Eighteen because I like that drama enough for a lifetime commitment.

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