Top 5 MVs: My Pre-kpop Influences

One of my kids wanted a soda last night and I immediately busted out with “So-DA, S-O-D-A so-DA.” My kids looked at me quizzically and I realized that I have taught them a LOT about kpop, but not a lot about the songs I listened to in college. Come see what held my interest in the days before my heady descent into all things Korean!

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Weird Al Yankovic – “Yoda”

Yep, this would be the source of the “S-O-D-A” jingle. “Wild Horse” by Norazo gives me the same feeling — wanting to laugh throughout the ENTIRE song because of the ridiculousness of it all!

They Might Be Giants – “Birdhouse in Your Soul”

I had very eclectic taste in college, fed by my bizarre sense of humor. It’s probably the same reason I find N.Flying’s “Hot Potato” hilarious.

Weird Al Yankovic – “Amish Paradise”

Whaddya know? I’ve always like a little heavy hip-hop! My love for Stray Kids makes much more sense now.

U2 – “Pride”

Soaring vocals? Check. Amazing guitar? Check. My obsession with Onewe’s “Regulus” explained? CHECK.

BNL – “If I Had a Million Dollars”

This playful song got me through college — just sayin’. The utter silliness reminds me of AKMU’s “How People Move.”

What about you, k-fans? Can you see how the songs you listened to before kpop influence your stans today? Drop down in the comments and tell me all about it!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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