Vagabond: Six Reasons to Watch!

We have been waiting for this to air since the casting news about a year ago announced Lee Seung Gi and Suzy as the leads! Come find out what the fangirls thought of the first episodes of this thrilling drama and see if our six reasons to watch might pull you in too!

Before we begin, just a word of caution. Sometimes reading a synopsis before watching can inadvertently give you spoilers. I think we have come to accept that as the price we pay for having a sneak peek at what might happen. However, if they are inaccurate, then it can lead to constantly thinking Lee Seung Gi is going to jump out from the cargo hold and save the day… Spoiler alert: That doesn’t happen. Some of the fangirls read a synopsis that made it seem like this could be a possibility. It made some of us less emotionally invested in what really happened and others (Kdrama Jen) still waiting for Lee Seung Gi to stop a tragedy from occurring. So, take it from the survivors of this emotional roller coaster courtesy of reading a misleading synopsis.. .just watch. Don’t have expectations. Just watch. And now… Six Reasons to Watch Vagabond!

Brief Synopsis (this one is accurate)

Cha Dal Gun (Lee Seung Gi) raised his nephew on his own while working as a stunt man. A trained martial artist, Cha Dal Gun dreamed of becoming the best in his field, and eventually a director. When his nephew is killed in a mysterious plane crash, Cha Dal Gun puts all of his skills to work to uncover the people behind it. He meets Go Hae Ri (Suzy), an NIS agent, and soon the two of them find their paths intertwined as they work to untangle the web of lies around the mysterious plane crash.

Six Reasons to Watch:

Lee Seung Gi’s character is incredibly likeable (and hot too)

Kdrama Jen: I love that we get to see how his past training as a stunt man seems to be the perfect background for tracking down bad guys. We also get to see how his relationship with his nephew developed and how adorable the two of them are together. I thing Seung Gi’s recent variety show experiences really helped prepare him for this role. He seemed very natural with the young boy playing his nephew!

Drama Geek: SWOON!!! Okay, I confess that seeing a man take care of a child really does it for me, especially if it’s not their own child and they are a bit inept. The way they do the montage of his learning to be a stuntman and raising his nephew was the perfect set up to really hit you in the gut when the plane crash happens. Though, I was one of the fools who trusted the synopsis, and kept thinking Lee Seung Gi was hiding in the overhead compartments or something. Totally distracted me from the horror of all of those people dying.

Kmuse: I thought the sequence that showed his rise as a stuntman and his raising his nephew was brilliant. It made me really connect into Seung Gi’s character and care what happens. I’m also looking forward to the more revenge driven version of himself.

Karie the Maknae: I have liked Seung Gi since Hwayugi and Master in the House, but this adorable opening sequence took my fangirl love to a new level! He really was a natural with his nephew, and the sweet but not completely brilliant stuntman role is tugging at my heartstrings.

Clkytta: When the Maknae writes that she has liked Seung Gi since the more recent shows it makes me want to force her to watch everything that came before that! That said, he is adorable as the uncle who is just trying to make it in the world.


Kdrama Jen: I know Suzy is not everyone’s favorite actress, but I think she is delivering a very solid performance. I found her very convincing as the bumbling intern. I also think she is absolutely stunning. There was an opening scene where the desert wind catches her scarf—I had major Descendants of the Sun flashbacks… I might have rolled my eyes a bit at the scene that felt stolen from DOTS, but Suzy really did look amazing!

Drama Geek: This role reminds me of the first character I watched Suzy play, her last stint with Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book. That show is probably why I will always have a soft spot for her, even if she isn’t the most stellar actress. She does well with this type of character that is allowed to be both soft and a bit closed off sometimes. I also remember a very long kiss… with fireflies…. I hope there is a spectacular follow up to that.

Kmuse: I really like Suzy paired with Lee Seung Gi. Out of all her leading men, I feel that LSG works best with her style of acting. I’m not sure I really buy her as being a strong physical type of spy but I will contain my skepticism and let the story take me where it will.

Karie the Maknae: Does anyone remember Suzy’s brief moment as the “femme fatale” type in While You Were Sleeping? Just me? Not a surprise. ANYWAY. She pulled that off fairly well, which is what convinced me that she could do this role too. So far, I’m enjoying how she’s handling things!

Clkytta: Suzy is at her best when she does action. She’s really made to do more than just look pretty. While she isn’t the strongest actress, I like her. She’s doing a really good job at pretending to be an intern.

Parkour, Tae Kwon Do, and what was THAT?

Kdrama Jen: So… I have to say I like that the early part of the drama makes it clear that Cha Dal Gun can pretty much endure anything. That is a great trait as a stunt man, but it also seems to be pretty handy for a vengeance-seeking uncle. I am on the edge of my seat watching the stunts! This is a very intense drama and there are some fabulous action scenes!

Drama Geek: I am often let down by action scenes in spy dramas from Korea, but I was pleasantly surprised that the chase scene was properly intense and had some surprising fight sequences. I hope they keep it up throughout the drama. It was impressive that he still limped back to the hotel with everyone, this boy is a scrappy survivor who will keep going until he finds answers.

Kmuse: Once again I will suspend my disbelief and just enjoy all the fun action sequences that we are getting. They really are doing a great job on making me go with the flow. The fast paced and action filled story line is working for me.

Karie the Maknae: I may have yelled, “How is he not DEAD?” a few times during that chase scene. Just sayin’.

Clkytta: No one is ever as strong as when they are out for revenge. That’s all I have to say.

Suzy AND Lee Seung Gi

Kdrama Jen: Sure…we commented on both of them separately, but… seriously. There is definitely chemistry potential! They have not been together since Gu Family Book. I, for one, am looking forward to another long kiss scene, but maybe without the fireflies.

Drama Geek: Yeah, I already saw some great sparks and familiarity with these two. I think they work well together and some of Suzy’s best acting has been in scenes with him, so I am really excited to see these two work together to bring down the big bad.

Kmuse: I need more time with them together before I declare that their characters are meant to be. So far I have liked them and feel there is potential.

Karie the Maknae: Definite chemistry there. I’m already rooting for them!

Clkytta: I love these two together. I really feel like their chemistry and experience working with each other will cover a multitude of flaws.

Shin Sung Rok is coming!

Kdrama Jen: Shin Sung Rok has not shown up yet. I was starting to wonder if I had not only read an inaccurate synopsis, but maybe the casting was wrong too? Luckily, though, I saw him in the previews. So…yes! He is coming!! He always draws me into a drama!

Drama Geek: I was so happy when he was cast as a romantic lead, but then I couldn’t watch the drama. This is familiar territory for him, but he always makes me stand up and take notice of his bad guys. And if given the right script, he may end up garnering sympathy and devotion. LOL. We’ll see.

Kmuse: He always makes the best villains. Can’t wait til he joins the story.

Karie the Maknae: After The Last Empress, I’m a Shin Sung Rok fangirl too. Can’t wait for him to show up!

Clkytta: Swoon! Swoon! Swoon! Bring on the hottie villain!


Kdrama Jen: I never notice this kind of thing, but I can’t help but imagine what they have to do to capture some of these action scenes. It must be very tiring for the camera crew. In addition to the action scenes, there are some beautiful shots of the filming location.

Drama Geek: I ALWAYS notice this type of thing. LOL. The location shots are breathtaking, and the chase scene was done so I was on the edge of my seat. Very nicely done when they were fighting in the car, too. I know they filmed in lots of different locations, so like the fight scenes themselves, I hope they keep this up throughout the drama.

Kmuse: I love being able to see all the amazing background as the story unfolds. The locations are gorgeous and the cinematography is really doing it justice. My one complaint is that the director likes to shake the camera around a bit during fight scenes or when we are supposed to be feeling the intensity. That just distracts me and makes me a bit cranky. You don’t have to shake the camera to make me believe that they are fighting and it is just a filming style that i have never found effective.

Karie the Maknae: Landscape pretty! My thoughts on the cinematography are shallow yet appreciative.

Clkytta: I’m pretty shallow and never really seem to notice the cinematography.

Final Thoughts… will we keep watching?

Kdrama Jen: I am definitely buckled up and ready for a thrill ride. I am really enjoying seeing Lee Seung Gi all angry and looking for revenge. It’s a YES from me!

Drama Geek: YES! I am excited for an action packed drama with this cast. I finished Designated Survivor a week or so ago, and it really put me in the mood for an intense thriller. Preferably without possessed people, or disgusting serial killers.

Kmuse: Love the screenwriter and the story so far and LSG and Suzy are doing a great job. I’m in for the long haul with this one.

Karie the Maknae: I’m on the fence. There is a LOT to love about this drama, but the strong language is a huge turnoff for me. I’ll give it two more episodes to see if the language calms down. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to put this drama on the shelf.

Clkytta: My drama time is precious, but I can’t resist this cast so I’ll keep watching!

Til the Next First Impression,

The Fangirls

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5 thoughts on “Vagabond: Six Reasons to Watch!

  1. What language does this have? I watch k-dramas so I can avoid the filthy language that permeates American entertainment so if they are taking a page from that garbage then this will be a hard pass for me. Never understood why this language has to be included since I have never met anyone who has complained that there was not enough bad language but I know there are many like me who will avoid anything that takes God’s name in vain and other swear words.

    • This show is on Netflix. We have certainly found that Netflix tends to use stronger language in its translations than other sites. In this case, even the words spoken in English, though, have some strong language. We had a very interesting debate among the fangirls. I am more concerned about racially and culturally insensitive language and actions, but others hold the view that they try to avoid reading and listening to swear words, so they may make other choices regarding this or other dramas. I can completely respect this choice. Ultimately, my opinion is that drama watching should be entertaining. If there is something that just doesn’t sit right with you and is overshadowing your enjoyment, then move on to find something else to watch. There are too many great dramas out there!

    • Vicmeister – Kdrama Jen hit it on the head. Netflix actually ADDS IN stronger language than is actually used. Except for that one time when someone was speaking in English and used the actual word.


      I chose to comment on it because of my own sensitivity to strong language and wanted to give a heads up to others who feel the way that I do.

      I have noticed a trend in a lot of Netflix-based dramas — they start off with strong language or other controversial matter, but by episode three or four it tends to taper off. That’s why I plan to give it two more episodes before I fully commit one way or the other.

      I definitely encourage you to decide for yourself if this drama is for you and let us know!

  2. If you guys like to see Lee Seung Gi around cute little kids, you should watch LITTLE FOREST. It is a reality show where 4 celebrities host an outdoor/farm-style camp for city kids who never get to play outdoors and in nature. There are plenty of swoon-worthy and simply adorable moments.

    • I LOVE Little Forest!!!! He is steadily adding all kinds of variety shows to his repertoire. We are going to be recording a podcast soon about some of our favorite variety shows. This one will likely be included!

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