Podcast #79 – The ultimate guilty pleasure drama: Secret Boutique

Secret Boutique came out of nowhere and won over our makjang loving hearts. Come join The Fangirls as they share their latest guilty pleasure drama and why everyone should be watching with them.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast #79 – The ultimate guilty pleasure drama: Secret Boutique

    • The noir witch sister recalls seeing her mom meet up with someone she thinks is the illegitimate father of her older brother (the catalyst for the search for the monk uncle), so maybe he is also HER father? It is so hard to know! I am looking forward to learning more about cat-stroking matriarch’s backstory!

  1. I just love how you guys mentioned plastic surgery like four times in a row. I mean, we been knew. Get over it. As long as she ain’t spending our money what do we care? In other news the drama is good with great actors all around and surprise, surprise that includes the leading lady!

    • We definitely agree that this drama has great actors and actresses! That is why we just could not wait to chat about it. We are also long-time drama watchers, so this particular actress has been one we have watched for like 15 years or more. Her visuals are glaringly different, and that is even played up with make-up and styling for this particular drama. It’s hard not to have that become a topic of conversation because it was a definite distraction at first. It is not that plastic surgery was an issue (in fact, Kmuse even commented on how good she looks) it is simply that this was the My Lovely Sam Soon actress who looked very different before. Her look was definitely a topic of conversation among us, so it would have been disingenuous not to mention how that affected us at first. Of course, we are loving this drama, and we are loving this actress in this show! Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

      • Again, we already knew, of the changes. But I guess some people are much more affected by this fact than others. I also watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon all those years ago and last year this little thriller Children of Nobody appeared out of nowhere where she was the lead and, besides noticing something different and seeing her thinner, it did not affected me at all. Or her performance, in my eyes at least. She was still a capable actress and that was one hell of a little thriller. What I found triggering was not that you guys noticed or mentioned it. It was the emphasis, the reiteration. It was a bit annoying to be honest. That’s it. Glad to know you are enjoying the show despite this. Have a good day.

        • Thank you for your feedback. We are always trying to improve, so we appreciate both positive comments and areas where we can grow. Thanks!

    • SO MANY thoughts!!! I definitely waxed poetic about his character, acting, and fight scenes! I am so hooked on him that I started his family drama just to get my Kim Jae Young fix between Boutique episodes. I am really enjoying his performance! What about you?

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