Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 5&6

What’s a girl to do when she’s trapped in a manga as a B character? Make her own destiny. Join me as Dan Oh comes to terms with her role in the show. She knows that she has a role to play, but in the shadows, the story is all her own.

Dan Oh Isn’t Alone

Dan Oh chases down her mystery man… Only to wake up in the hospital. As she stalks down the hospital corridors and fumes, she’s joined by one of the A3 hotties, Do Hwa. I love how she’s griping about the writer and Do Hwa is asking if she’s speaking Korean. Dan Oh’s sass is keeping me amused and interested. Hold up, Do Hwa is flirting and he remembers her bumping into his back. He’s becoming self-aware! Yup, he’s noticing that things aren’t adding up.

The Boy With No Name

Dan Oh heads into class, only to see her mystery man from the library. She sits down and proceeds to chatter away. He’s the strong silent type, doesn’t say a word, and his name tag is blank. She’s interrupted by a scene with Kyung. She’s so irritated that she has to like him because he is such a jerk. Meanwhile she finds Silent Hottie in the yearbook, he’s Number 13, No Name.

Main Characters Get the Spotlight

The world stops for the main characters and the secondary characters just have to roll with it. Poor Do Hwa is feeling the strain. He sees his love interest Ju Da, but gets completely freaked out by the cartoon flowers around her head. He goes to find Dan Oh in the cafeteria. Oh, I’m cracking up! He thinks he’s the main character now. Dan Oh hands over the book and now the brutal truth comes out. He’s a supporting character. Dan Oh says to look at the world from his own perspective and then he will be the main character.

Weak Hearted Dan Oh

Dan Oh’s been spending a lot of time in the hospital. Her test results aren’t good. They are setting her up to die in the story. She’s determined even more to change her story. The good thing is that she’s got a buddy in Do Hwa now. He’s more accepting of his fate that she is though. Can she change her fate?

Number 13

Dan Oh spies Number 13 and drags him to the lab. She’s had a glimpse of the future, and she thinks he could be the key to changing her fate. Number 13 stands there, silent and a little confused, as Dan Oh tries to clue him in. He gets all big-eyed as flowers begin to grow in the garden outside. Maybe he isn’t as clueless as she thinks. Dan Oh helps Ju Da carry in supplies for the lab. When the scene begins to unfold, it’s all about Kyung and Ju Da. Dan Oh knocks over the boxes, and something changes, but she’s not sure if it’s enough.

Let’s Travel the World

Dan Oh’s Dad asks her if she wants to go travel the world. He’s thinking about the little time she has left. Meanwhile she’s thinking about the camp everyone is going to at school. Guess what, Jerk Kyung is paying for everyone to go somewhere in Korea. She knows she doesn’t have much time left, but she’s determined to change her fate. I love a plucky character!

Hello Chemistry!

Number 13 has hurt his hand out in the garden. Dan Oh tells him she knows her way around the nurse’s office and then proceeds to climb up to get the first aid kit off the super high shelf. Yes, I know, but even she knows it’s all about drama tropes, so of course that’s where the first aid kit lives. As she turns around and loses balance, she falls right into Number 13’s arms. He seems a bit stunned, but he doesn’t utter a word. He does however, bandage her wound.

Repetition Makes Perfect

Poor Dan Oh, hottie Number 13 is still silent and a little befuddled. She’s pretty sure he’s forgotten who she is when the scenes change, so she keeps telling him who she is. She’s a persistent little thing. She just can’t tell if he knows her or not and she’s getting a little discouraged. You want to know who else is feeling some strain? Kyung. Do I care? Nope.


Kyung is a total jerk to Dan Oh while they are on vacation. Dan Oh figures out that Number 13 there when she has a glimpse of the future. She sees herself splitting a Relationship Rock with Kyung and going into the water. After finding Number 13, she gives him the rundown of her role in the comic (which I find hilarious every time she does this) and she tells him to save her. He, silent and puzzled, stares at her. I have to admit, this guy needs to actually show some kind of something soon or I’m going to get bored.

Storyboard problems

So, cue the scene, Dan Oh and Kyung break a rock together and he tosses it into the water. Dan Oh walks into the water and Number 13 doesn’t come to save her. She’s getting deeper, and now she’s getting worried. She finds the rock and nothing changes. She stares at Number 13 and goes under the water. Poor Dan Oh. She’s trapped in this storyboard and she hates it. She changes her wish on the rock and stacks it, but it keeps falling down.

He Speaks!!

Number 13 walks up as Dan Oh is in the depths of despair. He kneels down to help with the rocks, and she tells him he can’t fix it. As she walks away, he stacks the rocks. The top rock now says, “I want to live.” Number 13 looks at it, we see he has the book, Secret, and suddenly he says her name.

My Thoughts

I’m so stinking glad he finally opened his mouth! I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for this moment. I need to know his story. Now maybe we can get some plot moving for poor Dan Oh. I like that Do Hwa is also aware and has his own troubles. It makes the “main couple” storyline a little more bearable.

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