Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 7&8

Our lovely Kmuse has a lot on her plate this week, so I’ll be writing both recaps. Let’s see what happens when Mr. Strong and Silent opens his mouth. Number 13, begins to take on more character attributes, including speech. We still don’t know much about him, but it’s apparent that he is important to Dan Oh and her storyline.

Dan Oh is Getting Tired

Dan Oh is really getting tired of her character’s one-sided love with Baek Kyung. He’s such a jerk, and she’s tired of getting stepped on by him. Dan Oh gets a flash of the future, and she’s lost in the woods. She’s completely irritated with the writer because he has Baek Kyung as the one who comes to save her. Dan Oh decides that she’s going to do things on her own.

Let’s Go Hiking

All of the students pair up to go on a night hike. Of course, the writer pairs up Dan Oh and Baek Kyung. I’m already bored with the “main” couple and their love triangle, so I’m going to focus on Dan Oh. The students set out on their hike and Dan Oh’s heart monitor goes off. Baek Kyung gets all grumpy and leaves her in the woods. That’s hero material right there, ugh! Dan Oh does her part for the story and then she realizes that she’s lost. The twist is that instead of Baek Kyung being her rescuer, its Number 13. She throws her arms around him in relief.

We Are Real

Dan Oh is scared by a mannequin in the woods and Number 13 reassures her that it’s fake because they are real. Hmmm. I think he’s more aware than she realizes. They sit in the woods and Dan Oh is freezing. Number 13 takes tries to take off both shirts instead of just his long-sleeved one (Bless you writers for the gift of abs!) Dan Oh realizes that her story changed, Number 13 is wearing similar clothes to what she saw on Baek Kyung in her flash forward earlier.

A Secret Place

Number 13 takes Dan Oh to a place he found earlier that day. We know that something symbolic is happening because those same red flowers we saw in the school garden are here also. Dan Oh and Number 13 play in the secret place and their chemistry is strong. Dan Oh gives Number 13 a name. Ha Ru. Something has happened though because we flash to a whole new scene.

Things Are Starting to Change

Dan Oh sees Ha Ru and goes through her whole spiel about how she’s Dan Oh and what’s happening. When his hat flies off, they discover a box with a medallion under one of the buildings. The medallion has the flowers we keep seeing everywhere. Dan Oh picks up the medallion and we have a sudden scene switch. As they stare at each other, Dan Oh thinks that Ha Ru might actually be remembering her.

Names Change the Story

When extra characters suddenly have names, it messes with the story and things change. Not always in a good way. Dan Oh is determined to change her story, but her story affects other stories in the comic. We know that Ha Ru has the book and he sees what is happening. He starts to break out of the role of an extra. Hottie Chef discovers a hidden corner of the library where Ha Ru has several drawings of Dan Oh. Ha Ru shows up in a scene he’s not supposed to be in and asks Baek Kyung for the keyring that Dan Oh gave him earlier in the story. There is something symbolic about the keyring and the medallion they found earlier.

Something Changed

As Dan Oh and Ha Ru play around in the library, they are interrupted by Baek Kyung. He grabs Ha Ru and shoves him into the bookcase. Ha Ru is hurt, and Dan Oh’s heart monitor goes off. She passes out and wakes up in the hospital. The Doctor tries to tell Dan Oh how bad it is, but she says she knows. She heads home, and her mother’s garden is gone. She’s distraught as she realizes that she lost something precious. Back at school, it seems like Ha Ru doesn’t remember her and that hurts also.

Baek Kyung Has His Own Issues

When Dan Oh doesn’t show up for dinner with Baek Kyung’s family, her father says she’s tired of her one-sided love. This makes Baek Kyung’s father very angry with his son. He proceeds to show an extremely violent side as he starts beating Baek Kyung. Does Baek Kyung learn anything from this? Nope. He finds Dan Oh and lashes out at her. He breaks her heart monitor. Hello Ha Ru! Ha Ru punches Baek Kyung and grabs Dan Oh by the wrist to take her away. When Baek Kyung asks his name, Ha Ru says he won’t remember it because the scene is changing soon.

Final Thoughts

Well, now we know that Ha Ru is fully aware that they are in a comic. I think Baek Kyung is about to become self-aware too. Ok, I know that this drama has every trope in the book, but I have to say I’m loving it. Dan Oh is such a fun character and I’m loving the chemistry between Dan Oh and Ha Ru. I even like grumpy ole Baek Kyung. I’m completely disinterested in the “main” couple though. I have never liked the whole Boys Over Flowers trope, so I pretty much space out when that part comes on the screen.

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2 thoughts on “Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 7&8

  1. Totally agree: “main couple bORing”. Triangle with Dan Oh, Ha-Ru & Baek Kyung : can’t wait to see what happens! I am almost sympathetic w/ the arrogant jerk, Baek Kyung and am looking forward to see him developing real feelings for Dan Oh. Your recapping this drama made me curious about this drama and I am so glad I tuned in and that I can turn to your recaps after I watch each episode.

    • Thank you! Kmuse and I are really enjoying this one. While Baek Kyung is a jerk, he’s not really a bad person. He’s just mad at his lot in life. He hates that he’s being forced to be with Dan Oh by his family. I think her ignoring him will make him become interested.

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