Top 5 Kpop MVs: Fall Attention-grabbers

Man, it has been a fruitful few weeks for kpop fans! From AKMU’s new album to ATEEZ’s new release, my ears have been happy happy HAPPY! Come see what I think you should listen to out of the new releases!

AKMU – “Freedom”

This song just speaks to my heart. What does it say to you?


I am HERE for this blending of traditional and modern Korean music!!

Lee Jae Jin – “Love like the Films”

LoveloveLOVE the vintage vibe of this MV. HOWEVER, you tell me if you hear “love like the films” or “love like the villains”. If you can only hear “villains” now, blame MiataMama. She corrupted me first and I’m sharing it with you!

SuperM – “I Can’t Stand the Rain”

I know, I know, it’s not the title track. But I’m intrigued nonetheless by the quasi-fusion of traditional Korean percussion and the rest of the song.

ATEEZ – “Wonderland”

I * love * this song! And the live performance is absolutely amazing. Find one with good camera work so you can fully appreciate San’s acrobatics!

ATEEZ – “Sunrise”

Oh yes, you’re getting an ATEEZ two-fer. I’m an unabashed ATINY — join me in my ATEEZ love! I also love songs that encourage the listener to just keep going through the hard times, which is the message in “Sunrise”. Enjoy!

What recent songs have grabbed your heart and ears, k-fans? Share them with me below!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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  1. Chen “Shall We?” is beautiful retro 80s sound done right in a romantic ballad <3 highly recommend!

    Also Super Junior's new album and MVs are great! "Super Clap" and "I Think I" are awesome, oh and so is "The Crown"

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