A Makjang First Impression: Secret Boutique

Epic revenge, makjang scheming, and more 40’s style inspired fashion then you can imagine. All this and more can be found in the latest drama Secret Boutique. Come find out our first impressions and unfiltered thoughts as we chat Secret Boutique.

Introducing the Noir Bitch Bob

Kmuse: The styling in this drama is absolutely stunning. The unusual angles of the dresses and sheer collars are something that I have not seen in past dramas. Add the harsh lines of the bitch bob and I can’t look away from the screen. Everything about this look screams makjang and it is 100% working for me.

Drama Geek: Everything is styled to perfection. The mom wears her bob like a trophy she’s pealed out of someone else’s hand, and Jenny uses hers as a sharp edge that will cut anyone who gets in her way. Even the sister’s mussy bob oozes imperfection next to her doll like nemesis. The deep colors and clothes finish off the dramas look.

Strong Female Characters

Kmuse: This drama is all about the four ladies and their stories. Whether it is destroying others and attempting to achieve revenge, they keep the story going and make me care about what is going on. This is another drama in a long line that have proven that women protagonists/antagonists can hold an audience’s attention and thrive.

Drama Geek: I’m always one for a strong female led cast. The three rich women are all out for their own gain, and I do love seeing them try to take each other down. Because I’m not the biggest revenge drama fan, it helps that we have the smart and very capable go player, who seems to still have her heart intact. She softens the mix and makes the bitch bob trio palatable.

Loyal and Stoic Men

Kmuse: I love that there are so many loyal and devoted men scattered throughout the show. I keep wanting to understand why they are loyal and what their backstory is. In the meantime watching them hurt as their female counterparts try to outsmart each other is catnip to my makjang loving soul.

Drama Geek: Wow, these men are so loyal that it may just lead to their deaths. Sun Woo’s devotion to Jenny makes sense, and I love their connection. But just like the other relationships, I’m not sure it’s healthy. There needs to be lines you will not cross, even for the ones you love, and with Sun Woo, I’m not sure he has those boundaries.

Surprising Twists and Turns

Kmuse: I won’t say what the plot twists are since that ruins some of the fun of watching the drama. But I will say that the majority were complete surprises. There is nothing better than a good makjang plot that you can’t predict. Every week I am left wanting to know more.

Drama Geek: The twists are keeping me on my toes and making this a very enjoyable watch. I hope they are able to continue surprising me (please keep Sun Woo alive!) as we continue watching.

Should you be watching?

Kmuse: This is not going to be every drama watcher’s cup of tea. I think that if you enjoyed The Last Empress then there is a good chance you might enjoy Secret Boutique as well. The Makjang is heavy and the women are brilliant. Add in the best bitch bobs ever and you have a show that will entertain a lot of people. So give it a 2 episode try and see if it catches your interest.

Drama Geek: I agree with everything Kmuse said. I already stated I’m not a huge revenge drama person, but this has pulled me in.

If you are loving this drama as much as we are, be sure to watch out for our upcoming podcast where we will go into more detail. You can find the Dramas With a Side of Kimchi podcast on Apple and stitcher as well as most of your favorite podcast players. The Secret Boutique episode will be out mid October Here.

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