Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 9&10

Dan Oh’s determination to change her storyline is starting to show some results. Let’s find how Dan Oh’s little changes are starting to affect the rest of the school. What will be the consequences of her actions?

An Extra No More

It looks like we are opening with more background on Haru. When we met him, he didn’t have a name, just a number. We know that the scar on his hand involves some kind of mystery, but we don’t know anything more than that. He’s been self-aware longer than we know about though. Also, is anyone else wondering if there is more than one copy of the book? Haru is carrying around a copy, and the chef has one. The big question is, why does he know her name, but not his own?

Baek Kyung Gets a Clue

Baek Kyung is standing in the rain, watching as Ha Ru leaves with Dan Oh. He’s trying to understand why Dan Oh is suddenly being dragged away by this nameless boy. When Ha Ru says it doesn’t matter because the scene will change soon, Baek Kyung is confused. Still soaking wet, he runs into Do Hwa, who is sympathetic and tells him to wait a bit and the scene will change. You can literally see awareness start to come over Baek Kyung’s face. He’s getting close to figuring it out, but not quite.

The Big Break Up

Baek Kyung brings Dan Oh a new watch/heart monitor. She declines it and proceeds to break up with him. The scene ends and she gleefully bounces away. Baek Kyung grabs her by the wrist, he’s not through talking to her. She knows the scene is over, so she pulls away and walks off. She told him she will make sure his father’s business won’t suffer because of the breakup. Somehow, I don’t think Baek Kyung or any of us, believe that. Baek Kyung is all ragey as he walks through the hall, pushing people around and trying to break a window. He’s stopped by Ha Ru, who says he doesn’t want him to get hurt, and he feels sorry for him.

Going Public

While Dan Oh and Ha Ru are talking, her friends come up and Ha Ru introduces himself. He and Dan Oh head to the snack bar, where she proceeds to battle to the front of the line for snacks for them. Cue cute snack moment where they see the “main couple”. Dan Oh explains who they are, and they are interrupted by Do Hwa. Dan Oh introduces him as the third in the love triangle in the story. Do Hwa makes the comment that “his eyes look like the main character’s”. Hmmm…

You’ll Ruin This World

So Much Foreshadowing. Dan Oh is using the little stage to go over how the three of them (Dan Oh, Do Hwa, and Ha Ru) can change things by working in the shadows. The male lead doll falls to the floor and Ha Ru picks it up. His scar aches and he promptly drops the doll. Hottie Chef walks in, picks up the doll and says don’t touch things that don’t belong to you. Hottie Chef keeps talking about how the story will be ruined if they keep trying to change things. It appears like he’s talking to Dan Oh, but he’s making full eye contact with Ha Ru. I’m running all sorts of conspiracy stories through my head right now, aren’t you?

Another Story

Whoa, wait a minute. As Baek Kyung and Ha Ru face off in the hallway, we get some major vibes that they know each other. Like really know each other. Hottie Chef is in the library looking at another book, this one is titled Flower. Something tells me that we have a book within a book. Hottie Chef confronts Ha Ru and tells him to stop trying to figure it out. Hottie Chef says that the reason Ha Ru exists is to stop Dan Oh.

“Main Couple” Stuff, Blah Blah or Important?

Nam Ju is the “main male lead” and all the school is in an uproar because his famous mother shows up to talk about his birthday party. When Ha Ru sees her it seems to trigger some kind of memory or emotion. As Nam Ju’s parents discuss things with the school head, they mention his brother, Hee Ju. Mom looks irritated and uncomfortable. I’m calling it right now, Ha Ru is going to be Hee Ju. Mom acts too weird when his name is mentioned and Ha Ru can’t remember his real name.

Friends or Enemies?

Baek Kyung and Ha Ru meet during a tennis game. Ha Ru’s feet were stuck so he couldn’t really play and Baek Kyung beats him. When the scene goes to the shadows, Ha Ru proceeds to show that he’s a worthy opponent. After the game, Baek Kyung is acting uncharacteristically nice. He takes Ha Ru’s racket and tapes the handle. He says he’s going to keep an eye on Ha Ru. This is another curious connection, it feels like these two know each other. Why does Ha Ru care what happens to Baek Kyung? Something tells me that A3 was once A4 and Ha Ru is the missing member.

Nam Ju’s Birthday

Poor Do Hwa, he’s trapped in this story as the second lead. The worst part? He really likes Ju Da, like sincerely likes her. He’s at Nam Ju’s birthday party and his role is to play the violin and set the scene for the main couple. We have the obligatory Cinderella scene for the main couple, complete with new shoes and an evil mother in law. How can Do Hwa compete with Nam Ju?

James Bond or Ha Ru?

Ha Ru was denied entry to the party, but manages to sneak in as a waiter. He’s spotted by Baek Kyung who follows him to Nam Ju’s dressing room. Once inside Baek Kyung confronts Ha Ru, saying he’s not supposed to be here. Ha Ru dumps red wine on Nam Ju. He tells Do Hwa to go now, it’s his chance! Do Hwa steals Ju Da away and there is a beautiful moment where they are alone among the starry lights. He confesses his feelings… and Nam Ju finds them.

Not the Change Dan Oh Wanted

With our “main” love triangle in another scene, a new love triangle emerges. The original scene was for a server to trip with a cake, and Nam Ju would save Ju Da while declaring his feelings for her. Instead, the server trips and Baek Kyung pulls Dan Oh to safety. Starting straight at Ha Ru, he declares that Dan Oh is his woman. We end the scene with Baek Kyung holding Dan Oh and placing an empty glass on the tray that Ha Ru is holding. Baek Kyung’s smirk says it all.

My Thoughts

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’m not mad at all about this change in the script. We all knew that it was never going to be a simple break up between Dan Oh and Baek Kyung. Now that Baek Kyung is becoming aware (he’s kind of slow, but we all know he’s next) he’s starting to see Dan Oh for who she really is. I can’t hate him, I just can’t. His character is actually pretty well written and I’m curious to see how he evolves. I’m also pleased with the growth of Ha Ru’s character and how I’m dreaming up all kinds of theories about him. We all know how much I love a good conspiracy theory!

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  1. I am loving this drama so much. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I do hope the Baek Kyung becomes aware of himself. That will add to the fun.

    • If you watch on some of the illegal sites they combine the 30 min episodes into 1 episode. So on viki and kocowa it counts each episode so it is at 12.

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