Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Ep 11&12

We take a small break from Dan Oh to focus on some of the other characters’ progression from a comic character to a person with self-awareness. Will this change how we feel about their place in the story, or are they all destined to play out the part they were given?

The story has changed

Wow! Talk about suddenly having a whole new plot arc. We left off with Ha Ru being able to change the story, only to have Baek Kyung jump into the place of our leading man, declaring that he and Dan Oh are officially together. For realsies this time. Dan Oh is forced to go along with this new twist until the stage is replaced by the shadow world. At which time, she pushes Baek Kyung away and rushes after Ha Ru, who had left the party, clutching his scarred hand in pain.

Mystery Brother?

Uhm…Why is there suddenly a mystery, possibly a half brother, of Baek Kyung coming on screen? He seems very invested in Dan Oh and his brother’s relationship and we later see Baek Kyung confronting his brother’s interest in his fiancee. Am I the only one that feels that this character came out of left field? (Clkytta: He was there a few episodes ago at the dinner Dan Oh missed. He was talking about how much he liked Dan Oh Noona.)

I like you for realsies

Dan Oh is not the only person trying to change their fate. Remember second lead Do Hwa who had dragged Joo Da away from the party? He gets the guts up to confess to her in the shadow stage. More surprising is the fact that she doesn’t seem overly upset at the idea but instead states that it feels like her feelings are wrong. When, super boring leading man Nam Joo shows up, Joo Da bounces back into her unaware character self.

Suspicious Squid Fairy

We get multiple scenes between Squid Fairy and Ha Ru. Somehow Squid Fairy understands why Ha Ru is in pain, explaining that the more Ha Ru changes things the more pain he will be in until he simply disappears from the storyline. Why Squid Fairy is aware of all these random rules of the comic world is not explained and I can’t help but feel that our attractive fairy has nefarious intentions.

I’ll help her no matter what

Ha Ru spends some time contemplating this new revelation. What does this mean to his own existence? Is changing things and helping Dan Oh really what he wants? Turns out that it is! Ha Ru informs Squid Fairy that he can go stuff it and that even if it means he ends his existence, he will help Dan Oh achieve her dreams of not dying.

I’m the most manly man

Turns out that helping Dan Oh involves a lot of manly one-upmanship with Baek Kyung. I can’t help but notice that these two have crazy chemistry together. The writer/director might have noticed the same thing since there are at least three to four angsty stare-offs in today’s episodes.

Ha Ru has some surprising skills

Ha Ru also discovers that he has some interesting talents, all of them indicating that he might be from some sageuk based story? Have to admit that I burst out laughing once he started belting out some songs on the flute. You can’t be a manly man in a historical if you can’t serenade a girl with your fluting.

Can we just stop with the wrist grabbing

One thing that has also happened way to often this week is the never-ending wrist grabbing of our sweet Dan Oh. All of these manly fights between Ha Ru and Baek Kyung turn physical as the two constantly try to drag our leading lady about. Which might be on point with the drama tropes but I can’t help but hope that this is over now that the two men are both aware of the comic world.

Saving you is my destruction

Ha Ru continues to interfere to the point he, instead of Baek Kyung, saves Dan Oh when she falls into the school’s swimming pool. He manages to save her but when Dan Oh awakes in the hospital, our hero is nowhere about. In fact, he no longer is part of the story and everyone’s memories of him are once again gone. Ha Ru has disappeared.

Baek Kyung awakes

Dan Oh rushes to the library searching for the book to confirm her worst fears. Instead she finds Baek Kyung with the novel, completely aware that he is in a story and that things have been happening around him without his knowledge. Baek Kyung is finally self aware. SQUEEE! I can’t wait to find out where this story arc goes next week.

Final Thoughts

We know that somehow Ha Ru will return. There is no way that the writer’s would make his character disappear at this point so I’m not to worried about his being gone. What really got me excited was the gradual change in Baek Kyung. He is obviously starting to have real feelings for Dan Oh and we got a ton of back story for his character this week. Will that mean that Ha Ru will have competition for our leading lady’s heart? I can’t wait to find out.

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