Top 5 Kpop MVs: Trying Out T-ara

Kmuse knows that I don’t really enjoy girl groups, so she’s always encouraging me to broaden my horizons. She convinced me to give T-ara a try, and I have to admit, their songs leave me with a smile on my face. Come see which T-ara MVs made me a fan!

“Lovey Dovey”

LOVE the Thriller concept to this catchy song. See if you can spot all the Michael Jackson influences!

“Cry Cry”

This mournful Spanish-style ballad is lovely, and the accompanying MV is SPECTACULAR! It’s a drama in a nutshell, complete with Ji Chang Wook and Cha Seung Won.

I mean, you can watch the short dance-only version, but it doesn’t have Wookie and Seung Won. Just sayin’.

“Roly Poly”

I admit that there may be some car dancing every time this song comes on. Maybe. Just a little bit.

The N4 Subunit – “Jeon Won Diary”

I love the storytelling in this MV, and the tune is super catchy. So much fun!

“Number 9”

I *love* this song. This MV lacks the fun storytelling style of the others, but I think that it was created after a shift in the group…? Kmuse would have to fill me in. (Kmuse- This song came out closer to when they disbanded.)

Tell me, k-ent fans, do you stan T-ara? What’s your favorite song?

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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