Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 13&14

Ha Ru’s missing, Baek Kyung’s self-aware, and our comic book’s “main characters” have had a bit of an upset. Right now it’s anyone’s game. What path will our characters take us on next?

Left Behind

Baek Kyung is not as accepting of his reality as everyone else. He goes to find Ha Ru, but only finds Ha Ru’s sketchbook. In typical Baek Kyung fashion (he’s not one to let anyone have what he has) he proceeds to rip out the pages and toss them into the pool. This gives us some background information about what Baek Kyung thinks about Dan Oh. He may not appreciate her, but he’s not happy someone else wants her.

Was It Fun For You?

Now that Baek Kyung knows everything is a lie, he’s so bitter. He’s got Dan Oh cornered in the library and he’s so cruel to her. He keeps taunting her about being an Extra. She picks up the book and walks away from him. She’s so done with him and I’m glad. What I’m not happy about is how our poor Dan Oh is being tortured. Ha Ru is gone and she’s is totally distraught.

Rich People Problems

Baek Kyung walks past a crying Dan Oh and he hesitates for just a moment but keeps on walking. Flash to a new scene. Baek Kyung is in a department store with his parents. They have picked out a purse for Dan Oh. Oh hey, there are Nam Ju’s parents too. What a “coincidence.’ For the first time, Baek Kyung feels sorry for Dan Oh and the situation his greedy father has created.


Baek Kyung is suddenly more aware of Dan Oh and he’s treating her better. She’s still missing Ha Ru, so much that it’s all she can think about. Amazingly it’s Baek Kyung who tries to pull her out of her depression. I really feel like he’s starting to see her in a different light and he’s starting to become a better person. It’s actually funny to see him interact with Do Hwa and for Do Hwa to tell him he will like Dan Oh once he’s self-aware he will like Dan Oh. We all knew that way back!

Pause for Fangirling

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know I have a soft spot for the actor who plays Baek Kyung, Lee Jae Wook. Watching his character become aware of Dan Oh is really making my heart flutter. While I’m sad to see Ha Ru out of the picture right now, I’m totally ok with Baek Kyung becoming aware that he really likes Dan Oh for herself. I’m also going to say that this actor has shot to the top of my must watch list because he can go from angry to pensive in a second. I love that I’m so conflicted and I kind of want him to get the girl.

Turning on the Charm

Baek Kyung follows Dan Oh home and makes her get into the car when she has a heart episode. She’s sitting there all teary and sad, and he leans over to wipe her tears! He begins lecturing her about not taking care of herself and he tells her he can be what Ha Ru was to her. He offers to help her change her story. I’m sorry, Ha Ru who? Cause I’m shallow enough that I’d be perfectly happy with this Baek Kyung.

The Main Point

Dan Oh isn’t fighting with Baek Kyung. She looks at him, and informs him that she will die. At any minute, the author could kill her off. She’s an extra, merely a vehicle to move the story forward for the main characters. This is breaking my heart all over again. If her story doesn’t change, she’s going to disappear.

Boring Main Couple Stuff

So, I really really hated Boys Over Flowers. Hated it so much I never finished the show. From what I heard from the other fangirls most of the scenes with Nam Ju and Ju Da revolve around that storyline. Since those characters bore me to death I’m not going to talk about this part, but yes, I’m aware that there is a connection. So Ju Da gets a fridge and blah blah blah.

Field Day

Dan Oh is back on scene and she’s wearing a “tacky” pink shirt. It’s school race day or something. All the students are color coordinated and participating. Oh hey, there’s Dan Oh. She’s not happy to be there, she’s actually sitting on the benches looking pretty miserable. Even worse, the scene changes and now she’s holding a poster declaring her love for Baek Kyung. When the scene changes to shadows, she throws the sign at him and walks away. He tries to tell her that he’s who she really likes, but she refutes it. And the writer just won’t leave them alone.

Dan Oh is Done

Not only is she flashed to another scene where she has to be with Baek Kyung, but her heart monitor goes off. This makes Baek Kyung mad, and he walks away. She’s lost her shoe, she’s missing Ha Ru, and she’s feeling beat down by her role in the story. Guess who shows up and tosses her shoe at her like he doesn’t know her? Yup, Ha Ru.

Same Face Different Boy

This Ha Ru doesn’t seem to be our Ha Ru. He doesn’t seem to have any memories of Dan Oh. Suddenly Ha Ru is all buddy buddy with Baek Kyung and he’s in the book as one of Baek Kyung’s friends. This is so weird, he’s besties with Baek Kyung. What is the writer doing??

Is Ha Ru Pretending?

Baek Kyung is suspicious of his new best bud. Is he pretending? He decides he will find out as he competes against Ha Ru. Dan Oh joins the game, even though we all know she’s not supposed to play sports. She continues to try to break through to the Ha Ru she thinks is hiding. This Ha Ru seems very dedicated to Baek Kyung. Only…he doesn’t attack Dan Oh during dodgeball. When Baek Kyung questions him about it, he says she dodged his ball. Ohhhh, I think he’s pretending and so does Baek Kyung!

The Red Flowers

I’m super suspicious of Ha Ru. I think the writer tried to make him a new character, but he’s only faking it. Off stage, he’s doing a lot of the things our Ha Ru did, including hanging with the flowers. Hottie Chef stops to visit and tells him the flowers mean patience. That makes so much sense. Ha Ru is one of the most patient people.

A Visit From the In-laws

Baek Kyung and his family show up for a visit. Baek Kyung is tired of this game and starts talking about how its all fake. He’s done being a stepping stone for his father. He spouts off about how it’s all his father’s idea, not his. Things are getting too real, so that means we have a scene change. In the scene change it’s all lovey dovey. When they flash back to shadows Baek Kyung tries to convince Dan Oh to just let it all be real, and like him.

Who’s Gonna Change the Story?

Baek Kyung isn’t following his storyline outside of the scene. His little rebellion with his dad shows that he’s on the edge. He goes to the school to get the book, he needs to see what has changed and what hasn’t. At the school, he runs into Haru. At the same time, Hottie Chef is remembering how Haru said he wanted to be a useful person who helped change destiny. Hmmm. Methinks he’s doing just that.


There is a black hole in the library. We know that from earlier in the show. It’s right by where Ha Ru has all his drawings of Dan Oh. We see a scene from the other book, a saeguk. (Note to my fellow fangirls-I told you so!) It looks like in the other book, Dan Oh and Ha Ru were a couple!

My Thoughts

Ok, some of my conspiracy theories might actually be right. I knew that there was some kind of a connection between Dan Oh and Ha Ru that went beyond this story. Plus the flowers aren’t going away. They are symbolic and if this wasn’t our Ha Ru, we wouldn’t have the flowers. I’m taking that as a sign he’s hiding who he really is.

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