Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 15&16

We slowly start to realize that the comic world of our characters is more layered then we expected. Come find out my thoughts of ep 15 & 16 of Extraordinary You.

This week was a nightmare of a week thanks to Halloween preparations and a never-ending migraine. Hence, this recap is so late. And due to that lateness, you are going to get a very brief post about some key thoughts and then we will be back on track tomorrow with our regular recaps. So, without further ado…

Un-awakened Ha Ru is kind of boring

You would think that Ha Ru playing a more traditional drama character would not diminish his hotness, but, it unexpectedly does. Sure his hair is perfect and he has this weird bromance going with Baek Kyung (which I love!) but it just doesn’t work. I now liken him more to boring Nam Ju and that is never a good thing.

Loving Baek Kyung’s new layers

I am having the opposite reaction to Baek Kyung. Since becoming self-aware I just can’t get enough of him. His ability to work through problems and work towards understanding this new world he inhabits is so riveting. Yes, he still has his jerk moments and grabs Dan Oh’s wrist way too much. But he is also doing things to try and protect her which I find very engaging. Don’t take this as me saying I’m Team Baek Kyung in the OTP wars. I’m not sure who I really ship her with. I’m just enjoying watching a super hot genius do super hot genius type stuff. Now if we could do it with a little less wrist grabbing, then I would be set.

Dan Oh is depressed

It made me depressed to see poor Dan Oh being so depressed in these episodes. It is so noble that she wants to let things lie so Ha Ru is safe from any more switches in the storyline. But watching Dan Oh become depressed because she is going to die is heartbreaking. It made me realize that one of my favorite things about her was her optimistic personality.

The mysterious manhwa

In true fateful fashion, all our leading men start getting glimpses of a secret historical book that the Squid Fairy (He is so secretly evil) is trying to hide. (Clkytta: Kmuse and her conspiracy theories! She’s worse than I am!) We even witness Squid Fairy burning the novel when Ha Ru seems to be too interested in its contents. But it doesn’t matter that he is getting rid of the evidence. Ha Ru starts to regain is past, before this comic, memories and it is just a matter of time before he is back in Dan Oh’s arms.


Just as we suspected, Ha Ru once again regains his memories of Dan Oh. Just in time, because Dan Oh was starting to get seriously depressed and I was beginning to worry that she would get hit by a truck of doom before her heart stopped. Ha Ru grabs and spins her to safety and says he is sorry it took him so long to remember. Cue hugs and viewers rejoicing.

My Thoughts:

I have no clue where we are going with this story. At this point, I’m not really sure there is even an OTP. And would be OK without there being a glorious romance. I’m fascinated enough with the twists and turns of the story and would forgo a romance to get some definitive answers regarding the world-building we have going on.


If you guys have not already done so, be sure to listen to this week’s podcast where we go in-depth on Extraordinary You. We battle it out whether we think Squid Fairy is evil, whether we have gotten enough shirtless scenes, and who we want as our end game OTP ship. Click HERE for the first episode and be on the lookout for the second half coming in December.

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One thought on “Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 15&16

  1. Unawakened Ha Roo not being as hot is proof to me that actors need more than just a pretty face and writers need to write layered, multi-dimensional characters for a story to have any kind interest, at least for me. Yes, the pretty is nice, and I will start a show with only that reason. But if the character just stays as pretty and doesn’t develop, I will most likely drop the show. It is interesting to see this in action with the same actor in the same show, just written and acted very differently.

    And I see the opposite with Baek Kyung (getting layers instead of losing them). He has become so much more interesting, although I am getting a little annoyed at his continued jerkfaceness. The writer is presenting the question of “Who do you allow to define you?” with each character from different angles and I love it. Dan Oh has decided to define herself, but Baek Kyung has embraced the writer’s definition of him (or so it seems thusfar). The resulting struggles of both characters provide interesting commentary on the subject.

    Can’t wait for more!

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