Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 17 & 18.

More people are becoming self-aware, but does that mean that the story will change in time for Dan Oh? Let’s find out what happens now that we have Ha Ru back to normal.

What’s Up With the Scar?

Ha Ru sticks his hand in the black hole and now his hand is cut across the lifeline again. So, of course, he remembers everything now. I told you all that it has something to do with his lifeline! I, for one, am relieved that bland extra Ha Ru is one and our Number 13 is back. Anyone else get chills when he tells Dan Oh he will change her story?

Pause for Fangirling

Ok, I fangirled last time over Lee Jae Wook, so this week let’s chat about Choi Ro Woon. I’m pretty impressed with how he’s going back and forth between the dual roles of Ha Ru. I really did NOT like him in the past few episodes where Ha Ru became a generic kdrama character. Since he is an idol actor, I’m pretty impressed that I felt so strongly about the character change. He’s got some pretty good acting chops to make me feel that way, and I want to see more of him in the future.

I Came Back

Poor Dan Oh is completely traumatized. She is afraid to leave Ha Ru’s side. What if he changes back and doesn’t remember her again? Ha Ru reassures her that it will be ok. He will stay with her. She begs him to stay with her until the scene changes. Thankfully there is some levity when the scene changes. Do Hwa is so happy to have the regular Ha Ru back, that he starts stuffing him with food. He missed Ha Ru almost as much as Dan Oh did!

Stage or No Stage, I like you

Oh Baek Kyung, why do you give me all the feels? I feel like his story has changed. The guy we know isn’t acting like the guy we know. It’s kind of like he’s always liked her secretly off stage. He’s trying to make the connection to their story and the book, Flower. He and Ha Ru are looking for the same thing, and they are in love with the same person.

The Plot is Always the Same, Until It’s Not

Baek Kyung asks Do Hwa about the other story. Do Hwa tells him all romance novels are the same. It’s always the same setup, the male lead, the female lead, and second leads. This makes Baek Kyung look very thoughtful. He is determined to find that missing book.

Little Shop of Curiosities

Ha Ru and Dan Oh go walking around the streets around the school and duck into a little shop. Inside, they find all the little props associated with their stories. They talk about how the writer doesn’t know what happens in the shadows, so the writer won’t know their story. As they leave, he tells her about the black hole in the library. She keeps talking about how the scar on his hand proves he’s Ha Ru, and that feels like foreshadowing. Cue sweet hand-holding scene.


As they splash around in the water, Ha Ru sees a scene from the other book. The next few lines that Dan Oh speaks remind him of another girl. Oh CRAP! What if he’s someone else’s love? This is not good. Is he not really HER Ha Ru? Or are our Fangirl Musings correct, and the other book was the same story? Even Baek Kyung is questioning everything.

Thwarted Love

Sae Mi is having a hard time. She loves Nam Ju, but he’s going after Ju Da. Something tells me that Sae Mi won’t go down without a fight. Well, not something, she pretty much proves it when she destroys Nam Ju’s confession setup. Then she corners Ju Da in the lab and the mean girl comes out to play. Sae Mi and her gang lock Ju Da in the dark. Do Hwa figures out something is wrong and rushes to save her. He gets to her while the scene is still in the shadows and oh my gosh! Leading man material right here! If Ju Da doesn’t become self-aware and start liking him soon, I’m going to figure out how to jump in the show and steal him.

Creepy and Manipulative Parents

Dan Oh ends up in the hospital again and suddenly the two fathers are meeting and talking about marriage between the kids again. Baek Kyung is very conflicted when his stepmother arrives. Something tells me that there is more to this story. While he is telling her to leave, his father shows up, and stepmom starts shedding tears. Interestingly, his brother seems to care a lot about what is going on. Is brother self-aware?

Squid Fairy and the Book of Doom

Squid Fairy is starting to get nervous. There is something about the Flower book that has both Baek Kyung and Ha Ru searching for it. Squid Fairy burned the book, so that’s that, right? Wrong. Squid Fairy muses that this story is just like the previous story. It’s all connected! He meets with Ha Ru and the truth starts to come out. This story isn’t new, and the characters are used over and over.

It’s a Showdown!

Baek Kyung and Ha Ru meet on the tennis court, and for the first time, Baek Kyung loses. The story is changing. Baek Kyung tells him that he wants to go again until he wins. They move from tennis to the real problem at hand. Both boys like Dan Oh. We start flashing back and forth between this story and the one from the other book. All of this has happened before and it sounds like things didn’t end well.

My Thoughts

We’ve just been told that this is a recycled story. While that makes sense, it still doesn’t make sense. Something tells me that originally the story had Baek Kyung and Dan Oh as the leads and Ha Ru was the second lead, or some kind of similar mix-up. I think that the second lead tried to take over the lead spot and that created all the chaos. I’m probably wrong, but maybe some of my conspiracy theories are right. All I know is that I’m still watching and I’m still interested. There is some seriously good storytelling going on here and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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  1. I’m going to say, not only is the younger brother self-aware, he remembers the previous story, just like Squid Fairy. He asks is brother not to change things, can’t they just live like this… I don’t think that conversation makes sense otherwise!

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