Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 21&22

Dan Oh’s life is starting to feel a little like a merry go round. The problem is, no one is having any fun. Even the lines in the shadows are similar to what is said in the other story. So what’s real and what’s not real?

Ha Ru is dreamy

Dan Oh has been literally held hostage in the hospital and she’s missed her appointment with Ha Ru at the tree. Like any good love interest, he’s been waiting for her. Taking advantage of the time they have, he confesses. They touch lips, she apologizes, and he goes in for the real kiss. That stupid watch goes off, and he just covers it with his hand. Ha Ru is steady, strong, and dreamy.

Pink Roses

You know who else is dreamy though? Baek Kyung is dreamy. The real Baek Kyung, the one who remembers playing with Dan Oh as a kid. Baek Kyung brings her pink roses. Pink roses are his secret way of showing her how much he cares. Baek Kyung may be a bit of a jerk, but he really does care for her. I’m going to stand by my conspiracy theory that he’s the original main lead, and that Ha Ru broke through the second lead wall. The fact that I’m so conflicted about this delights me. I love feeling conflicted about a character!

The Other Story

Baek Kyung confronts Squid Fairy about how his story is changing, and he is not happy about that. He says that he’s going to figure it all out, then he stalks off. Poor Squid Fairy has to go have a lie down for a headache. Cue flashback scene… Both Squid Fairy and Baek Kyung are in the other story, but they appear to be brothers? Squid Fairy is the older brother, and the king, while Baek Kyung is the younger one. At least, I think that’s what is happening. It also seems like Nam Joo’s mom is Squid Fairy’s mom? When it comes to saeguk politics my eyes glaze over. The manes of glory are great though!


Dan Oh is all aflutter when she sees Ha Ru. So much so, that when he says her name it makes her heart monitor beep! Awwww! She tells him that he makes her heart go crazy, but nothing seems to happen to him. He picks up her hand and holds it to his chest. They are interrupted by Sae Mi and the cute nerd guy. Cute Nerd Guy asks if they are dating, and Ha Ru says yes. Whoa, will anyone remember this at scene change?

Hold UP!

Newsflash! Nam Joo is leaving, and everyone is crying and so sad. He walks past Joo Da and they exchange some words. The scene ends, and she brushes him off! Then she says she’s curious what it will be like for Joo Da without Nam Joo. Joo Da is self-aware, she’s gotta be self-aware. Ohhhh, does this mean she may actually start being interesting?

Sometimes I’m right

As we flashback to the other story, we learn that Ha Ru was Baek Kyung’s guard, and closest person. Baek Kyung sends Ha Ru to investigate Dan Oh, and we can literally see Ha Ru fall in love at first sight. Oh man, this Dan Oh is as cute and bubbly as the one we know, but she is also daring. When she sneaks up on Ha Ru we get a glimpse of a girl who is 100% the main character. Ha Ru helps set the stage for Dan Oh and Baek Kyung. The problem is that Ha Ru has fallen for Dan Oh, and now he’s self-aware. He’s messing up the storyline.

It’s always been Dan Oh

Ha Ru has regained his memories from the other book. He rushes to see Squid Fairy. Squid Fairy tells him to stop provoking the writer, stop trying to change the stage. He and Dan Oh can never be together, the writer won’t allow it. This can only end as a tragedy.

Baek Kyung’s struggle

Baek Kyung is self-aware, but he’s also a well-written character. He has actual memories of his backstory, and those memories are painful. His father is a total creep, and he feels all alone at home. Little does he realize that his little brother is self-aware too. Hmmm. What’s going on there? When Dan Oh shows up at the cemetery to show her respect and support on his mother’s death anniversary, Baek Kyung tells her she’s important. She’s the only one who remembers him in and out of the story.

Don’t Be Sick

Dan Oh is stuck at home, she’s sick again. Ha Ru is thinking about stars and Dan Oh’s wish to see the stars. He misses Dan Oh terribly, and when she comes back, he hugs her tightly. Baek Kyung overhears their conversation and realizes that it’s the same as what he read from the other book. Meanwhile, Ha Ru has been hard at work creating stars for Dan Oh. All this week she has mentioned how much she wants to see the stars, so he made stars for her. Ha Ru promises that wherever she is, he will find her. She is his beginning.

My Thoughts

All this time, I’ve theorized that Baek Kyung and Haru were the original lead and second lead and that Ha Ru stole the girl. I think I can safely say that is correct. What I’m finding the most interesting is the level of awareness of the characters. The twist that Baek Kyung is making connections to what is said between Ha Ru and Dan Oh to the other book means that nothing is new. If nothing is new, can Dan Oh’s story actually change? I’m really curious to see where this story goes next, aren’t you?

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