Top 5 MVs: Sit Up and Pay Attention to These New MVs!

On last week’s post over on Facebook, DwaSoK fan Melissa mentioned that we were moving into Kpopvember, and she was RIGHT. The releases from these last couple of weeks have been amazing – strong, emotional, and downright skilled. Come see the gems released by Taeyeon, GOT7, HyunA, DAWN, and IU!

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Taeyeon – “Spark”

Is anyone else getting Taylor Swift vibes from this video? Just me? That’s ok. I’m loving Taeyeon’s strong vocals and the anthem-like feel of this song.

GOT7 – “You Calling My Name”

This is a FAR cry from GOT7’s “Just Right” — the boys are smooth and on point in this video. The suits definitely help!

HyunA – “Flower Shower”

I’d never thought I’d be grateful to PSY for anything, but his decision to start P Nation and bring aboard HyunA and Dawn (formerly E’Dawn of Pentagon) was a brilliant move. HyunA seems to be absolutely reveling in her freedom as she creates her own flower road with this flower shower.

DAWN – “Money”

This song and MV fascinate me. I’m not going to say that Dawn wouldn’t have been spectacular with Pentagon, but he’s absolutely shining as a solo artist. I can’t get this song out of my head, and I love the unique take he shares on money and coming of age.

IU – “Love poem”

This one got me right in the gut. I read somewhere that IU wrote it in response to Sulli’s death, and I can absolutely feel it in the lyrics and in her performance. It gives me chills and makes me want to cry every time I listen to it, but I can’t stop listening to it, either.

What do you think, kpop fans? What auditory delights have caught your ear this week, new or old? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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