Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 23&24

Am I the only one that feels that we are going around in a narrative loop? Join me as I discuss some of the pros and cons of this week’s episodes as we try to figure out where we are going to end up.

Con – Deja vu

The more we watch our story the more we discover that there is nothing unique going on. In fact, we discover that Ha Ru and Dan Oh actually became self-aware in the last story as well. We get to watch a lot of the same interaction, just this time in hanbok. I can’t be the only one that feels that the same scenes multiple times are making the story drag. (Clkytta: I’m feeling it too.)

Pro- Dan Oh is My Beginning

Some of the best scenes, in my opinion, are between Baek Kyung and Ha Ru. Sure, they all follow the same fight about who belongs with Dan Oh. But this time, we got a nice discussion on whether the writer is still moving the plot even while they are self-aware. It was kind of a lot of filler mumbling (I still have no clue what is going on with whether the characters really are self-aware or if that is also part of the story.) but I loved when Ha Ru declared that his beginning was always Dan Oh. It made my heart flutter.

Con – Uhm… you are only 17

If nothing else, this story really hit me hard with how stupid it is for a high school chaebol to be running a company. I’m sorry, but unless they are a legit genius I don’t want my livelihood being decided by a teenager with a crush.

Pro – Joo Da is finally showing some spunk

I’m a big fan of almost self-aware Joo Da. I love that she is seeing Do Hwa for the great guy he is, as well as standing up to the annoying bully girls. I legit cheered when she took the bully’s spray bottle and gave her a dose of water. WOOT for characters developing a backbone.

Undecided – The Creator’s Heart

It is art class, and we are pairing off to work with some clay and make a pot. All of our leads are being cheesy, cranky, or jealous. There is a lot of bad pottery being made. There is also a lot of romance happening between Ha Ru and Dan Oh as he makes her heart pitter-patter with his crafting skinship. SO much skinship that her heart monitor goes off. Baek Kyung and Ha Ru keep reacting the same way, so a pattern appears. Am I the only one that sees this as some fanfic waiting to happen? Hehehe.

Con – Dan Oh never looks beyond herself

The last few episodes have made it really hard to be Team Dan Oh. Every time she is on screen she is all, “Ha Ru, Ha Ru, Ha Ru,” or she is being a jerk to Baek Kyung. I thought after her being supportive in the last episode we could at least hope for a lack of aggression on her part. But no, once again, she only focuses on her own feelings, and she attacks him, and the writer, for her situation. It is getting bad when I am cheering more for boring Joo Da over our once-spunky heroine.

Pro – Will you accept this ring?

Despite Ha Ru really trying to change the story, Baek Kyung proposes in a total cheesy manor. Even as Ha Ru pulls the plug in the very last second, before she accepts the proposal, events just reset. But it is a fake out as it becomes a hookup between two of the other extras. Also, our Squid Fairy sees the new student and gets very shocked.

Con – I’m going to die

Did they ever explain why Dan Oh is the only one that can see the upcoming storyboard? This time she sees a doozy as she witnesses herself dying while getting surgery. Eeek. Will they be able to change the story?

My Thoughts

I think that part of the problem I have with the story is that we have all these character connections but they are all one-dimensional relationships. We have Baek Kyung and Ha Ru, we have Ha Ru and Dan Oh, then we have Dan Oh and Ha Ru. As much as their stories are intertwined, they never overlap. There are no layers of emotions and feelings and interaction with the three together. It is all separate, and so, for the most part, I just can’t get past all the basic tropey plot that we are circling with. Will that change now that the stakes just got higher, or am I destined to remain detached until the end? Guess only time will tell.

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3 thoughts on “Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 23&24

  1. I’m with you. I’m still enjoying a lot of the moments, because the actors are great and the details are still often funny or cute. But the plot is going seriously off the rails in my opinion. Having self-aware characters say what they said when they weren’t self-aware in the previous story makes it feel like they’re not self-aware after all. And whereas the charm in the first half of so was in the contrast between the stage and the shadows, a lot of that contrast is starting to blur away.

    I don’t mind Dan-Oh’s crush, nor her self-focus in the face of imminent death. But I feel like the period of setting up the answers to the mystery of their lives is really dragging. Early on I had thought that there was a connection to the writer, that is, perhaps the writer (or artists, since there could be two) is writing someone they loved and lost into a story over and over, hence that person’s soul/essence being pulled into the story and living there… I still wonder if there’s something like that (why does the writer keep writing the same thing over and over), but baring a bigger reveal like that one, the whole “previous story as past life” thing is falling flat for me.

  2. Reflecting on this week’s episodes (no spoilers), I think the problem with the plot is that the whole past story story-line is making the stakes of the plot unclear. Is this story about figuring out what’s real and what’s not? Is it about trying to change the stage? Do the writer’s motives matter? Is it possible to save Dan Oh or not, and if not, then what are the motivations of the characters going to become? These sorts of questions are exciting and mysterious, they’re irritating because they’re about the fundamental focus and point of the story.

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