Extraoardinary You Recap: Episode 27&28

We continue to go around in circles as we countdown the final episodes. Will our leads suddenly do something unexpected? Or will their lives continue to be created for them?

A not so evil Squid Fairy

I guess Squid Fairy wasn’t evil. Darn it, I think I owe Drama Geek a soda or something for saying he was evil so often. Finally we have something substantial to explain why Squid Fairy is so cranky about things changing. It turns out that he was the person trying to change the story last time and it resulted in his love’s demise. We also learn that if the person dies (not in the narrative but during a change in the story) that person loses their memories. Why this happens we still don’t know, but do we even care at this point?

Ta Da! Illness be gone.

While we are discovering these past story details, Ha Ru is busy changing Dan Oh’s story. He breaks into her doctor’s office and switches the charts,making it so Dan Oh doesn’t need surgery. Of course this doesn’t actual change the fact that Dan Oh needs surgery, just that she is now no longer getting it.

Same old same old

Ha Ru learns that Dan Oh is destined to die because of his meddling from Baek Kyung and is sad. Dan Oh also learns about the past story and is in denial stating that if she and Ha Ru work hard they can change her story. Once again, we circle around the same conversations and just change our setting to a new location.

Baek Kyung has a heart

Baek Kyung finally has a heart to heart with Dan Oh that doesn’t involve ordering her around. He explains his feelings about his mother and hospitals, and he kind of sort of shared that he has feelings. Dan Oh lets him down gently and tells him that she can’t return his feelings, and she will change the stage.

To little to late but still cute

Do Hwa and Joo Da’s relationship is burgeoning in the shadow world. They make a super cute couple even if I have lost the ability to really cheer for any of the possible ships. At least it is enjoyable watching Jan Do fight against the bullies. She also lets Do Hwa know that she has “awoken”. With only two episodes to go I doubt we will get much more story from this couple. But at least it gives us a change between our three leads circling around each other.

Girl, you be dying

Ha Ru and Dan Oh go on a super cute outing with her besties and enjoy snacking, playing games, and riding couple bikes. Just when our couple is at their cutest, Dan Oh starts having chest pain. Hmmm looks like you can’t trick the story into fixing a broken heart. Ha Ru eventually figures out that Dan Oh is still dying.

When the past comes to haunt you

Squid Fairy gets really freaked out when Baek Kyung talks to the new girl in school. The new girl is Squid Fairy’s love from the past book, and he doesn’t want to see her near the person who killed her twice in the last story. He also explains that if you die in the shadow you only lose your memories of being aware. Hm, I think I see where they are going with this story.

Death is knocking at the door

Ha Ru also finally gets back all the memories of how Dan Oh dies in the past book. He was forced to stab her to prove his loyalty to Baek Kyung’s character in the stage world. Wow. Talk about traumatizing. This new knowledge causes him a ton of angst, and he is worried that his actions are causing her harm now and will once again lead to Dan Oh dying.

I might be biased

Baek Kyung realizes that the only way to save Dan Oh is to kill Dan Oh. The poor boy breaks down and is devastated at the choice he has to make. By far this is the most well-acted scene of the show. The tears and heartache are real as he pulls off the mask. But in the end, he can’t kill her and he replaces the mask. I saw that the actor that portrays Baek Kyung is up for a new role. I really hope that he gets it since I am excited to see him in a different show.


Ha Ru goes in to sit next to Dan Oh (who is still alive at that point) and tells her that he saw that she is healthy in the novel. Right then Dan Oh’s heart gives out, and she dies. Yup, Dan Oh is reset and has no memories of her relationship with Ha Ru.


It is interesting to think about whether their lives are better off being unaware. At least then you are not dead or loving someone that you can’t be with. As we have seen (over and over) there is no sidestepping the story. For every change, there is a consequence and they seem to usually result in someone’s death.

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2 thoughts on “Extraoardinary You Recap: Episode 27&28

  1. Ack! But you missed the big twist which is that it was BK who actually killed DO instead of HR hence his angst.

    If the point of the writer is that there’s no going against GOd/writer, that they REALLY want to make this the moral of the story, they surely took a long time to get to this point.

  2. That’s true. Im glad he didn’t go through with killing her this time. Feel so bad for everyone and really don’t like that free will seems sp lacking. I just want everyone to be happy

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