Upcoming drama Triad Princess releases entertaining trailers

Those of you who follow the blog and podcast know that we are big Jasper Liu fans. So it comes as no surprise that we are very excited about his new Netflix original, Triad Princess. But it is Eugenie Liu that steals the scene as the mafia daughter turned star’s bodyguard.

This show looks like it will have all the traditional Tdrama tropes, some bad and some good. But with its cute premise, and dazzling leading man we will be giving this show a try. It might even make the cut as our next recapping project.

Check out the teasers and let us know if this is one you would enjoy us chatting about! Triad Princess arrives on Netflix Dec. 6th.

One thought on “Upcoming drama Triad Princess releases entertaining trailers

  1. Oooohhhh, I’m definitely watching. At least the first five episodes, and then will see how the angst will develop. It looks like a hoot, at least the first episodes.

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