Extra-Ordinary You Recap: Episodes 29 & 30

Dan Oh’s been rebooted as an Extra, and her memory of her time with Ha Ru is gone. Does this mean Baek Kyung has a chance? What will Ha Ru do to help Dan Oh get her memories back? I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have a lot of patience with amnesia plots, so this better not last long.

Dan Oh is a zombie, or may as well be

Dan Oh has lost her memories and her pep. She’s basically a zombie, and not an interesting one. On stage, she’s the same character who is in love with Baek Kyung. Offstage, she’s “weird” as Baek Kyung puts it. She’s all sugary and sweet and spacey and BORING. He killed her to save her, but let’s be honest here, she’s really just a shell of her former self. Can he really be happy with her as a shadow of the girl she was? Someone fix this NOW!

Love doesn’t die, even if the memory is gone

Squid Fairy can relate to Ha Ru’s pain and confusion. After all, we now understand that his story started this whole mess. When he changed his story, it changed Ha Ru and Dan Oh’s story. Remember the run through the woods? Yup, no matter what the story will go on, even if the characters change places. So while Ha Ru mourns the loss of Dan Oh, Squid Fairy has to deal with Su Hyang seeking him out even though he tries to avoid her. True love is a blessing and a curse.


While Baek Kyung is scarred on the inside from losing his mother, Ha Ru’s scar is visible. That scar on his hand that I thought was on his lifeline? That’s from when he and Baek Kyung stabbed Dan Oh. Ha Ru has been through all of this before. He vowed to wait until they met again and he promised to remember her. He reaffirms that vow while sitting in the school library. this is a love for the ages folks. Is your heart breaking? Mine is.

Role reversal

Ha Ru sets out to win back Dan Oh. He follows her around and mimicks all the things she did when she was trying to break through to him in the past. It’s so weird to see her look at him with spaced-out eyes. Poor Ha Ru feels like he’s being punished and his grief is painful to watch. Even Dok Hwa is sympathetic. Ha Ru just keeps staying quietly beside Dan Oh trying to prompt her memories to return. She’s the one standing and staring at the red flowers in the garden now.

It’s a takeover!

Nam Joo falls from grace as rumors spread about his birth secret. He was born out of wedlock. This means he’s not the heir to his family’s fortune. His whole world is crashing down and Y3 is trying to take over ruling the school. Not on Ju Da’s watch! She proceeds to stand up for Nam Joo and take him away from the bullies. She doesn’t love him though.

Wrapping up the storylines

The writer makes a big display of Nam Joo confronting his mother at the school. Ju Da steps up and says that Mom needs to let Nam Joo be himself, just let him live his life how he wants. We get the big hug in public, but then the scene changes. Ju Da keeps hugging him and says she’s sure his character came with a lot of issues. I’m very confused right now though. I thought she didn’t like him, but she doesn’t say anything when he holds her hand and announces they are together. Maybe it’s to give him face in front of his mother?


Ha Ru is starting to get to Dan Oh. She’s starting to notice him more, and she’s having flashes of memories. She sits down in the library and her watch flashes light in his eyes and she has a memory of them. She’s starting to notice scene changes and the weird spotlights on people. Before we know it, she’s talking about finding her own life’s meaning. Woohoo! This has to mean that we don’t have long until she’s back to herself.

Su Hyang

While Dan Oh is trying to figure her life out, she meets Su Hyang. Interestingly, Su Hyang has a lot to say about finding your own meaning. AAAAHHHH! She’s self-aware! Su Hyang is self-aware! She’s chasing after Squid Fairy because she loves him. She hasn’t given up on him. Oh, my heart! She’s telling Dan Oh that if you love each other, you can overcome the obstacles ahead.

When did Ju Da become my favorite character?

Ju Da has really stepped up as a character. At first, I was really irritated by her storyline, but I love the growth she has shown. Now, she’s ready to stand up and defend the people she cares about. I love that she confesses to Dok Hwa that she likes him, but she likes Nam Joo too. She tells him that he could be happy without her, but Nam Joo isn’t like that. They end as friends, and I have to say that scene was really well done. Her honesty is really refreshing, and I think I would have made the same choice. Nam Joo really does care for her.

Baek Kyung’s perfect day

Baek Kyung and Dan Oh have a perfect date day where they go walking around and playing by the ocean. They feed each other snacks and try on cute hats. As the audience, we know that this is the calm before the breakup. I’ve said it the whole show, I would not be unhappy if she ends up with Baek Kyung, but we all know that this happiness won’t last. She’s about to get her memories back. Her memories are starting to bleed through, she even calls Baek Kyung by Ha Ru’s name without knowing.

Changing fate

Dan Oh passes Ha Ru on the stairs and has an episode with her heart. He rushes her to the nurse’s room (there’s never an actual nurse in there!) and watches over her. When she wakes up, he tells her more from their past, but she tells him to go away because he is making her heart hurt. This poor girl is so confused. As Ha Ru reflects on what happened, a portal opens up. He totally misses that Dan Oh sees it too. It’s a total replay of their story, only the roles are reversed.

Why are we all crying?

Dan Oh’s heart hurts when she sees Ha Ru, but she hasn’t made the connection as to why it hurts. Poor Baek Kyung, he can feel that she’s unconsciously looking for Ha Ru, and her heart remembers who she really loves. As they literally walk down memory lane, they stop and reminisce about their younger days when they were close childhood friends. Baek Kyung thanks her for being by his side and then he… Scene ends! He wanted everything to go back to normal, but he misses the real Dan Oh.

Tonight’s the night

Dan Oh and Baek Kyung have a date to celebrate their 10th anniversary. He told her to meet him by the school. Baek Kyung is obviously conflicted about what to do here. He cares for Dan Oh, but he does something completely unexpected. Dan Oh stands back to back so she can measure their height difference, but it’s not Baek Kyung’s back, it’s Ha Ru. Who knew a simple back touch would unleash a few lifetimes of memories?

Every day is special because of you

Her memories are back! Woohoo! Who’s crying again? I’m crying again. Yay for Ha Ru and Dan Oh! I’m so sad for Baek Kyung! I’m glad that Baek Kyung stepped back, even though that had to be really hard for him. I wish there was a second lead who could make him happy. I want him to be happy. Writers, let’s give Baek Kyung another story and a HEA, ok?

Food is the language of love

Squid Fairy is joined in the kitchen by Su Hyang and I’m crying again. He doesn’t know that she’s self-aware, so he’s just trying to make her happy. He’s feeding her all the things he knows she likes. All the while, he’s just drinking her in with his eyes because he knows their time is running short. I’m loving this whole star-crossed lovers side story.

I hate the writer

Baek Kyung sent Ha Run in his place to meet Dan Oh at the tree. Not because he likes Ha Ru, but because he hates the writer and what he’s done. Dan Oh goes to find Baek Kyung and returns his ring. He says she must think he is like a monster, but she tells him no. In this world, he wasn’t a monster, he was a victim of the cruel writer. I am seriously sobbing right now as she thanks him as Dan Oh from Secret, and forgives him as Dan Oh from Trumpet Creeper/Flower. This was unexpected and seriously beautiful.

A blank nametag

Ha Ru’s nametag is blank again. Is he about to be erased? He is scared and holding onto Dan Oh tightly. I don’t like this fear I’m feeling. I need the writer to leave these two alone. Ha Ru opens a door and it’s an empty void, the art room is gone! The writer is deleting things as the story wraps up. I’m worried that we will end up losing characters, we’ve already had the leader of Y3 disappear.

My thoughts

I don’t know why I’m so emotional over this drama this week! All I know is I teared up more than once. As the storylines wrap up, I’m worried that there will be an open ending, and that is just not acceptable. While not every storyline will end happily, I need Ha Ru and Dan Oh to get a break.

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  1. Hmmmm. Was Haru and DO substitutes? It didn’t seem like it because squid fairy’s love did die off stage and lost her memory. So they did run away together. When did HR Zane DO substituted?

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