Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 8

Netflix is adding new and classic Asian dramas right and left. Which means it is time for another post on what you should be watching on Netflix! Come join me as I give you my top 3 suggestions, as well share one that I’m considering myself in this month’s trolling the Netflix waters!

Recommended Dramas & Movies

My Country: The New Age

This is my favorite drama of 2019, so of course, I need to recommend it. By far, it has the best directing and includes stellar performances by all of its actors. Jang Hyuk and Yang Se Jong’s bromance is the thing of legends. If you could only watch one drama in all of Netflix then this would be the one I would recommend.

When the Camellia Blooms

I had to start this drama twice and be pushed by my T-list into continuing on, but I am so glad that I did. Camellia just hits that great sweet spot of good character development and sweet romance. I’ve noticed that a lot of international fans have not been focused on this show, and I think that is a shame. Go give it a try and maybe even a second try. It is worth it for the great story payoff.


While I wouldn’t want to watch a whole drama of this story, I found the two- hour movie to be perfect. The directing is amazing and it is worth the watch for the fight scenes alone.

Want to watch

Day and Night

Twins switching places because one of them has a night phobia? I’m intrigued. Have any of our readers watched this? If so, let me know if it is worth my time in the comments!

There you have it! My latest list of Netflix hits and misses. To check out my other recommendations click HERE. And be sure to follow the blog to get all the latest Asian drama information.

Til our next great drama,


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7 thoughts on “Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 8

  1. I liked Day and Night, but would recommend it as a show you watch consistently. I was super busy when I started it so I kept putting it on the back burner, and it’s easy to get lost and forget what’s going on if you leave it for a while. There is a rumored second season however so as far as I remember the first season ended on a cliffhanger.

  2. This is so helpful. I am constantly trying to balance my tv time between Netflix and Viki, and it seems like all the good stuff comes out at once. I have been waiting to watch When The Camellia Blooms so I really appreciated the insight into not giving up too soon on this one.

  3. I highly recommend The Lies Within with Lee Min Ki. Men from Nowhere was just dropped, I haven’t start it yet, but it looks very promising, if you are into gritty crime stories.

  4. Without a doubt, you MUST watch “Shadow.” Its superlative visuals (that color palette!!!) make it a joy to watch (unless you like bright happy colors) and the cast is top drawer.

  5. Funny how to people can watch the same show but see things so differently. I didn’t see a bromance between Jang Hyuk and Yang Se Jong. Theirs seemed more like a mentor relationship. The bromance, for me, was between Yang Se Jong and Woo Do-Hwan.

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