Top 5 Kpop MVs: Fresh and Fun and Fabulous

The releases from these last couple of weeks have been fantastic. Come see what new music caught my attention — including an incredible feat of filmography from Kang Daniel!

Kang Daniel – “Touchin'”

This was a FASCINATING music video! It helps to know that Kang Daniel has been on It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, a reality show about introverted celebrities. The duality of the introverted Kang and the Kang dancing and acting on the tv was brilliantly done, especially around the 4 minute mark. Keep an eye on the two to see how they affect each other.

IU – “Blueming”

Well, if I wasn’t already on the road to becoming a huge IU fan, I would be now! How she manages to capture the essence of dancing alone in your room to your favorite song and turn it INTO a song, I do not know, but I am thoroughly delighted.

Dindin – “Fallin’ Down”

One of my favorite collabs on Lee Hong Gi’s 2nd mini album Do n Do is “Bonfire” with Dindin. I’m really enjoying this song from Dindin — it’s a great follow up to IU’s pop rock “Blueming”.

Youngchul Kim – “Signal light”

I’ve never listened to anything by Youngchul Kim, but when “Signal light” popped up, I was both amused and amazed. The comedian has some pipes! And the song and MV are super fun and absurd.

Winner – “Soso”

How does a songwriter crawl inside my head and express how I feel so perfectly? Whether it be a breakup or something else heavy that I’ve dealt with, there are definitely days where I am just so-so, and this song conveys the vulnerability that comes with trying to hide true feelings behind the “I’m fine” facade.

What do you think, k-fans? Was this yet ANOTHER great couple of weeks in kpop releases or what? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, I remain —

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  1. I haven’t ventured much into the realm of Kpop, but I saw Blueming last week and I loved it. I am an IU fan so that helped, but what a fun video she created. I also found Above the Time to be beautiful. She is an amazing artist.

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