Upcoming Dramas: December 2019

Christmas vacation means that we will have more time to watch dramas. So let’s check out what shows are going to be coming out for our drama watching pleasure.

Woman of 9.9 Billion (Dec 4th)

Synopsis: Jung Seo Yeon happens to get 9.9 Billion won ($9 million USD) and she fights against the world. Jung Seo Yeon and her family suffered from violence by her father. She left their home and started a new life with an affectionate man, but her happy life ended. She struggles to look for happiness in her life. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: Oooh dark and angsty posters and teasers. I’ll at least give it a try.

Clkytta: I’m not feeling angsty, so I’ll let the kbesties check it out first.

MiataMama: Everything about this looks dreary and exhausting, so it’s going to be a pass for me.

Stove League (Dec. 13th)

Synopsis: “Stove League” is about the preparation period of a major league baseball team. The drama focuses on a loser team that prepares for an extraordinary season upon the arrival of their new general manager, and each episode will focus on a problem they have as they prepare to become a stronger team. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: Looks like we have a newbie writer in our midst. I’ll give it a chance despite not being really big into baseball.

Clkytta: Hmmm. I’ll check it out for the cast. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but with the right cast and a good story, this could be good.

MiataMama: I will give it a try because of Nam Goong Min. And a sports-based story will be something different than all the other dramas I’ve watched so far this year.

Crash Landing on You (Dec 14th)

Synopsis: The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident and a North Korean special officer who falls in love with her and who is hiding and protecting her. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: Everyone is going to be watching this one and I am not going to be the exception. Whether you love or hate this writer, her dramas are always a must watch just so you can chat about it with your friends.

Clkytta: Tentatively stepping into the water… I really really hope that this is as good as I think it will be.

MiataMama: HYUN BIN!!!! That’s all that needs to be said – I’m IN!

Selection: The War Between Women (Dec. 15th)

Synopsis: It tells the story of the cutthroat competition around the selection of the new queen, who is the only person in the kingdom who can have power without being related to the royal family. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: Jin Se Yeon? I’m out.

Clkytta: Sees saeguk outfits and runs away.

MiataMama: Power struggles between women who want to be queen? No, no, nope.

Diary of a Prosecutor (Dec. 16th)

Synopsis: A drama depicting the mundane daily routine of overworked prosecutors staying up all night to tackle all the different cases handed over by the police. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: I love Jung Ryeo Won but really don’t enjoy prosecutor tropes. Unless I hear a ton of social media buzz I will probably skip this one.

Clkytta: This isn’t my genre, so I’m out.

MiataMama: I saw the word ‘prosecutor’ in the title and immediately scrolled past the description and the trailer. Legal dramas aren’t for me.

Black Dog (Dec 16th)

Synopsis: It tells the story of a young woman who gets a short-term teaching position and does her best to fight for students’ dreams in school. The drama will take a deep look into the lives of teachers and provide commentary on society through the microcosm of a school setting. (MyDramaList)

Kmuse: I’m going to have to at least give it a chance because I love the two female leads.

Clkytta: I’ll try this one out. It could be a great slice of life drama.

MiataMama: Although I usually like school-based dramas, I’m not totally sold on this one. I’ll wait to see what my K-besties say first before I give it a go.

Which drama will you be choosing to watch this month? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for our first impressions of all the newest releases.

Til the next great drama,

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