Top Kpop MVs: Then and Now

The end of year always makes me nostalgic, so when Kmuse suggested I do a “then and now” post about some of my favorite artists, I jumped on board. Come see how IU, BTS, and SHINee have changed over the years!

IU – “YOU&I” (2011) and “above the time” (2019)

I adore the artist IU is becoming. These two videos are supposed to be related — IU even hints at it in this article, but doesn’t make it clear how — but what I really love seeing is how her style and her voice have developed over the last 8 years. She’s capable of carrying greater emotion as she sings, and her style is now uniquely her own. She is phenomenal.

BTS – “No More Dream” and “Dionysus”

OK, seriously, how has BTS’ energy INCREASED since they debuted? Not that I’m surprised — I have yet to see their equal when it comes to commitment to their music and their performance. There’s a reason they’re currently at the crest of the Hallyu wave.

SHINee — “Replay” and “Countless”

This one was a little harder to do — “Countless” was released a year ago and reminded me that the boys are in the military or doing their own thing (Jonghyun is just doing his own thing somewhere other than this earth). I’m still amazed at how distinctly different their voices are, and yet they blend so very well.

What about you, k-fans? How far have your favorite groups come? Drop down in the comments and tell me about it!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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  1. I love the direction GOT7’s title tracks and albums have been going since their 7for7 album, which I believe was the first they had more say in terms of how it would sound and what kind of ‘colour’ to show through the songs. There’s definitely a notable change from mischievous kids to mature young men, going from Girls, Girls, Girls to You Calling My Name. 😀 Though they can still be just as dorky as ever, just watch Thursday live stages.^^

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