Top Kpop MVs: Rockin’ the MMAs and the MAMAs!

It was a CRAZY busy week in the Korean music world last week! The MMAs and the MAMAs were nearly back to back, with stellar performances from so many spectacular groups in each show. Check out some of my favorite performances below!

From the MMAs:

N.Flying – “Rooftop” and “Good Bam”

N.Flying is really coming into their own, and this performance of their bookend songs (“Rooftop” debuted in January and “Good Bam” just in October) showcases that.


Settle in and watch all of BTS’ amazing performance. The pagentry, the passion, the energy — THIS is what stage performances are all about.

From the MAMAs:

Oneus – Mashup with “LIT”

I’m loving the SHINee tribute and the whole dang performance.

ATEEZ – Mashup with “Wonderland”

YOU GUYS!! SHINee tribute number 2, plus BTS, plus Miss A, plus ATEEZ! This was mind-blowing. I loved it!

Chung Ha – “Blue Haze” and “Gotta Go”

I can sum up this performance in one word: mesmerizing!

WayV – “Moonwalk” and “Take Off”

As always, WayV is ON POINT. I loved the live performance of “Moonwalk”.

BONUS TRACK: ATEEZ Red Carpet Performance – “Say My Name” and “HALA HALA” remixes

THEY DANCED TO THE REMIXES!!!! I love the Spanish guitar in “Say My Name” and the orchestra sound in “HALA HALA” and seeing them perform to it was AMAZING.

What did you think, k-fans? What performances blew you away? I wanna know!

Until the next award is handed out, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

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