Top 5 Kpop MVs: Why Am I Always Playing Catch Up?

Right. I’m easily distracted, that’s why! It’s been a great week to catch up on the new music I missed when I was being delightfully diverted by the MMAs and the MAMAs. Come see what has come out recently and if you like it as much as I do!

Wanna keep up with what I’m listening to? Check out “New Kpop to Spin“, one of my many playlists on Spotify!

Halsey – “SUGA’s Interlude”

I love this piece from Halsay and SUGA — it’s sweetly contemplative and deep, just like we expect from SUGA. Great collab.

Stray Kids – “Levanter”

Stray Kids new album, Cle: Levanter, is a compelling listen, and “Levanter” was an easy first favorite. 

AoA – “Come See Me”

AoA has turned out some awesome outfits, great harmonies, and a song with a strong hook — this was a really good listen.

A.C.E. – “Slowdive” 

This is my hands-down favorite song from their new album. Enjoy the dance practice vid!

Lim Jimin – “Who, You?”

Lim Jimin is a relative newcomer to the scene — he’s debuting with Play M, and will be part of the Play M Boys soon. I love his voice — smooth and rich and deep. Enjoy the MJ references in the video!

BONUS TRACK: NEX7 – “New Order”

I find myself listening to some C-pop instead of Kpop, thanks to MiataMama — I’m broadening my horizons again. Love the deep guitar riff this song by NEX7 starts with, and the strength of the harmonies throughout. The whole album is a great listen!

What new songs have caught your ears, kpop fans? Share them in comments below and I’ll definitely give them a listen!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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