A Podcast Gift for the Holidays

We are so excited to give a gift this Christmas to all our podcast listeners! Not only are we opening a special previous Patreon podcast to all our listeners. But we also have an all new Patreon podcast just for our VIP fans! So come join us as we share our drama themed fun with everyone.

For our VIP listeners we have a very special Chinese drama themed episode. Come find out all our thoughts on the Chinese shows we watched in 2019 and what we consider the must watch dramas.

You can find our Patreon page HERE.

For our weekly listeners, we had a poll and it was voted that most people wanted to listen to our Noonas Do it Better episode.

You Can Find our Noonas Do it Better Podcast HERE (It was released July 2nd and is unlocked to all listeners.)

If you have more questions that need answered, come chat with us on social media at the following locations:

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Til our next chat,

The Fangirls

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