Five Reasons you MUST watch Crash Landing on You.

Have you been in need of a really solid romance? One that will make you giggle with glee, and swoon over all the OTP moments? Well, we have finally found one to shout about. ALL the Fangirls are in love with Crash Landing on You. Come find out the top five reasons you should check it out.


Okay, we usually save the best for last but we just can’t with this one. Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are seasoned actors and they are bringing all the chemistry and wonder to this couple. Ri Jeong Hyeok is a quiet North Korean officer that seems loyal to his country, but as the story unfolds we see there is tons of complexity to him. And when he gives those tiny smiles, you can’t help but melt. Yoon Se Ri is typical of this writer’s female leads. She powerful and outspoken with a ton of sass, but has a darkness inside that she hides with her smiley exterior.

Drama Geek: I am enjoying her immensely and I am confident as things get more intense, she will really shine! She just cracks me up.

Clkytta: I am in love with both of our main characters. Hyun Bin’s character has so many layers, and Son Ye Jin’s character is totally open and fresh. I love the way these two are interacting, and I think it’s a combination of chemistry and professionalism.

Kdrama Jen: It has been a while since I have felt swoony over a romantic pairing, but I am really falling for these two. I love the dimpled smiles and sweet looks they pass back and forth. It is still early, but I am already feeling the sizzle underneath the sweetness.

MiataMama: I watched this pairing last year in the movie Negotiation, and while they had great tension together, the set-up of the story made it so they didn’t actually film together. Now that they are sharing the screen, in the same scenes, their chemistry is off the charts! And I would be totally remiss if I didn’t point out that Hyun Bin in his military garb is swoon-worthy perfection!

The Premise

A chaebol daughter accidentally lands in North Korea during a paragliding accident and is taken in by a very handsome officer. It is not often that anyone attempts showing what it is like in North Korea. Mostly, they are just shown as spies and the enemy in dramas and movies. It’s interesting to see them humanizing the people on the other side, and trying to show what it’s like.

Drama Geek: I don’t exactly know how an officer in the North Korean military is going to end up with a chaebol daughter from the south, but I have big hopes for how this one might end.

Clkytta: I’m already full of conspiracy theories. I think we may have to suspend our disbelief for this story. My biggest wish is that they will go full-on fantasy and solve all the world’s problems (starting with reunification?) for the sake of love.

Kdrama Jen: I love that this premise feels so fresh and new. I am not sure how it will all end up, but I love how they are showing a South Korean modern woman learning to navigate the neighborhood politics of the North.

MiataMama: Even from the beginning credits, the premise shows that life is different for those living on opposite sides of the DMZ. I think we do have to suspend belief a bit with this story, but the constant mention of reunification is something that everyone wishes to make a reality.

Jeong Hyeok’s Men

Jeong Hyeok has four officers who are all on the hook for one discrepancy or another and are forced into helping him hide Se Ri. All of them are so sweet and hilarious. We are all in love with this little family, and they crack us up!

Drama Geek: Speaking of that ending, how will our soldiers get a happy ending too? It’s one of my biggest concerns. Also, who is that deep-voiced soldier, he gets my handsome vote too!

Clkytta: I love all his men, but I have to agree with Drama Geek, the deep-voiced soldier is a total hottie! I need to know his story. I’m a little surprised that our Drama Geek didn’t fall for their drama geek!! (DG: I did fall for him too. He makes me laugh so hard. We both think the Stairway to Heaven OTP should cameo.)

Kdrama Jen: I love the cast of characters we get along with a strong OTP. I especially love how so many things are explained using drama references. I just love these guys!

MiataMama: This slightly rag-tag group of underlings offers up fantastic comic relief! And the way they’ve taken in their wayward South Korean is super sweet too. As with most dramas, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a happy ending for everyone, including these four.

The Town’s Women

Just like the soldiers, Se Ri is working her way into everyone’s hearts and it seems like they’ll all be in love with her by the end. Kim Sun Young leads them in their busy body ways, and I just love how you can picture them in a fishing village in South Korea. No matter what country you are in, there will always be women like this that care just a little too much, but mean well.

Drama Geek: With Kim Sung Young in the mix it’s hard for me to not think of Camellia Blooms and I expect nothing less than them to all rally around Se Ri in the end.

Clkytta: I’m already thinking the women will save the whole show. I think Se Ri will find the family that she has always wanted. That’s what always endears me to these kinds of storylines, the sense of family that comes from tight friendships.

Kdrama Jen: I love the whole cast. I think the neighborhood women could lead their own military operation and win. They just crack me up.

MiataMama: Maybe it’s because of Kim Sun Young, but I’m having flashbacks of Reply 1988 and how the women gathered and supported one another. They were more than just neighbors, they were family. It’s the same vibe here.

The Writing

Park Ji Eun has her special brand of romance and drama writing. She is tackling a topic that could go sideways because of all the barriers she’s put between our couple and all the characters she’s making us fall in love with. It will be interesting to see what twists she throws at us, and how everything is resolved.

Drama Geek: I am rarely unsatisfied with her dramas and I am looking forward to the ride.

Clkytta: Buckles in next to my kbesties and prepares for a fun ride! Well, unless they are doing the whole paragliding thing, then I’m ground crew. We have a solid feeling storyline, a great cast, and it’s a drama that all the Fangirls are fangirling about!

Kdrama Jen: I love the flow of the story. Park Ji Eun is also a favorite of mine, so I am just excited to see where this goes.

MiataMama: I’ve enjoyed her past three dramas and love the richness and layers she brings to her stories and characters. I can’t wait to watch this story fully unfold and will be rooting everyone on along the way!

Bonus: I am so happy that Kim Jung Hyun is back and appears to be healthy again. His possible coupling with the second female lead could be extremely enjoyable to watch.

Kdrama Jen: I was so sad when Kim Jung Hyun had to leave Time. I am thrilled he is back and looking healthy!

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