Top 5 Kpop MVs: TRCNGs Light in the Darkness

One of the things I love about living near a huge metropolis like Dallas is the abundance of different cultural communities ALL IN ONE PLACE. This is even more convenient when you take into consideration the fact that I love Korean food and Korean music and there is a KPOP Burger not 20 minutes from my house that has BOTH.

It is seriously THE BEST.

All caps aside, one of the MVs playing while I ate my bulgogi burger was from TRCNG. Their solid, acrobatic moves caught my eye and I had to learn more! 

NOTE: It’s difficult to be a kpop fan and know that some idols go through absolutely terrible things with their companies. I wish every company could take BigHit as a model and treat their trainees with respect and love and an incredible vision of their potential. 

But what I want to highlight in this post is these talented young men who have been working hard and produced some songs that delight my ears. Read on to learn more about TRCNG!

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As songs go, it took a minute for this one to grab my attention. But then Hyun Woo rapped his one line, and that VOICE pulled me in. 


This seems to be what every Champion can expect from TRCNG — sharp acrobatic moves and layered harmonies. I’m really enjoying it.


I love the anthem-like feel to “Spectrum” and the message of finding light in the darkness. It’s one of my favorite themes, and TRCNG performs it well.

“Wolf Baby”

This is a fantastic song and a VERY silly music video. My favorite part had to be the massive amount of ketchup they dumped on their sandwiches. Watch the video and see what I mean: 


I love the contrast of a title that’s supposed to be about an ideal society and the haunting melody that goes with the song. TRCNG shows off their amazingly sharp dance moves in this practice video!

What do you think, kpop fans? Is TRCNG a group worth falling for?

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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