The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Veerey Ki Wedding

Netflix just dropped a ton of Bollywood movies which means it is time for Kmuse & Clkytta to jump into a whole new set of Movie Reviews. Come see if 2018’s quirky romcom Veerey Ki Wedding is worth the watch.



What happens when the most eligible bachelor in Delhi, Veerey messes up his first meeting with the father of his beloved? The most fatal blow to the loved-up couple: NO blessing from the father-in-law! Not helping the matter further, is Veerey’s elder cousin brother, Balli, who threatens the would-be in-laws with dire consequences if anyone dares to break Veerey’s heart. (Imdb)


Kmuse: So…. If you are looking for some wonderful late 80’s style cheese then you are in the right place. There are fight scenes where no one is actually hit, you have dance sequences that, while entertaining, don’t really make a ton of sense. But despite the fact that it is 100% cheese it is pretty entertaining. The parents’ passive-aggressive behavior is actually pretty funny and I could watch them call people goons for hours.

Clkytta: There is no doubt at all that you are watching an Indian movie! All the colors, all the drama, and all the singing and dancing! Like Kmuse said, it’s got that late 80’s, early 90’s feel to it. It’s so fun and quirky and I was thoroughly entertained.


Kmuse; How many times do they have to change the leading man’s sunglasses before it is too much? Pretty sure this directing and stylists were doing their best to answer this question. The cinematography was ok.

Clkytta: Kmuse, I told you while I was watching this that sunglasses = cool. The cinematography was what you would typically expect, lots of colorful scenes. I was a little disappointed in the songs. They felt a little flat to me.


Kmuse: The OTP had absolutely no chemistry so I’m going to ignore them. The true gems of this movie are the parents and cousin Balli. Their prank battle and constant goon behavior had me laughing so hard and saved what is otherwise a kind of bland movie.

Clkytta: OK, we really need y’all to stick with us on this. The OTP is a little meh, but the supporting cast is the selling point of this drama. While we have an OTP, the side stories are woven into the OTP’s story so much that they kind of overwhelm our OTP. I mean come on, we have two Big Indian Papas who are adorable, smart, and totally steal the show. Add in cute cousin Balli (he was the true hero for me!) and a sassy female cop (I loved her so much!) and you won’t be unhappy with the storyline.

Clkytta: Side note- I really enjoyed the stronger female roles in this movie. One of my favorite characters was the sassy female cop, she was funny, but she was also a woman who got the job done!


Kmuse: If you want just something that is mindless then this is your show. It was entertaining and I don’t regret watching. But I probably won’t bother a rewatch anytime soon. I give this movie a 6.5/10

Clkytta: I think it was a solid 7/10. It was fun, but it won’t top any of my lists.

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