I Want Those Hours Back Movie Review: Aruna and her Palate

So, we watched our first Indonesian movie and sadly we have very few positive things to say about it. Be forewarned that this review is not going to be full of positivity as we discuss why we want the hours we wasted on this movie back.

If you read the opening paragraph, you know that we didn’t enjoy this movie at all. And here is why:

The bird flu epidemic foodie tour

Kmuse: Our leads were all set to go on a work tour searching for people that might have the bird flu. At the same time, our female lead Aruma’s besties come along to have a culinary tour of Indonesia. Never have I seen two plot arcs that worked worse than these two. There is something so unappetizing about researching the bird flu then eating a meal of chicken right after. Ick.

Clkytta: This had to be one of the worst plots of all time. Seriously, they needed to decide on a genre; were we watching a culinary show or were we watching a mystery? Actually no, we were watching one of the most lackluster romances I have ever laid eyes on (more on that later).

Just say no to cheating hoochies

Kmuse: So many people were cheaters in this movie and it was a HUGE turnoff. I was very upset with how they made it out to seem normal and acceptable to cheat on one’s spouse. If there was ever a chance that I might like our OTP it was dashed with the whole cheater trope.

Clkytta: I just can’t with cheating. Kmuse and I were watching live and we were both groaning and gasping and griping about how everyone and I mean EVERYONE seemed ok with cheating. There is nothing romantic about trying to get with another man’s girl or another woman’s man. Don’t even get me started on the male lead and his stupidity.

Zero, zilch, nada OTP chemistry

Kmuse: I don’t even think I could explain the lack of chemistry that our OTP had. She showed more enthusiasm over finding the perfect fried rice recipe then hooking up with the person she supposedly had a crush on.

Clkytta: This was the most lackluster OTP I have ever laid eyes on. Oh good grief yes, the stupid fried rice recipe! That’s another random part of this drama. We had so many unrelated things happening that it was hard to watch. Well, that and I have a new puppy who was trying to use me as a chew toy.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. There were a few moments/aspects of the show that we really enjoyed.

The first is our resident hottie bestie Bono.

Kmuse: He was the only bearable character in this whole movie. Not only was he super attractive, but his positive mood and culinary skills were the highlight of the show. He can make me a grilled cheese anytime he wants to. I would also like to point out that him making a grilled cheese 10 minutes in the show was the best chemistry we got. Yes, he had more chemistry with a grilled cheese then our leads had through the following two hours.

Clkytta: Bono! Our resident hottie chef was an awesome character (he was also the best actor of the bunch). We talked about that grilled cheese for the entire movie. He was such a sweetheart. I loved how excited he would be to try new cuisines. He was really the only redeeming part of the whole movie.

Bad Boat Dance Party

Kmuse: Every now and then you have something that was so bad that it was good. Such was the moment where we got to witness the most awkwardly filmed drunken revelry of all time. Somehow they found a whole bunch of people that have NOT EVEN A DROP of dancing skills. There was shuffling and offbeat arm pumps galore. It was delightfully bad.

Clkytta: When this scene showed up, both Kmuse and I started laughing so hard we almost couldn’t breathe. I remember screaming PARTY BOAT! This was the worst dance party ever. Everyone was just swaying and moving their arms like they were in a bad 80’s movie.

Final Thoughts

Kmuse: I’m sad that this is our first Indonesian film, and I wanted to enjoy it more. Sadly, I will have to try and forget this show exists since I just was so cranky over wasting my time. If I had to find a silver lining it would be all the pretty food that the characters got to eat. It was interesting to see food from a new culture. If only the show was Bono doing a food network foodie documentary. Now that is something I could watch and enjoy. I give this movie a 3/10 since I just did not like the characters and mixed story arcs.

Clkytta: We know there have to be much better Indonesian films out there, so please recommend one for us! We are so interested in watching movies from other Asian cultures, and I know that this movie can not be a good example of Indonesian culture. This movie suffered from too many unrelated storylines and bad directing. I’m also giving this a 3/10, it really would have benefitted from some serious editing.

Til our next movie review,

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5 thoughts on “I Want Those Hours Back Movie Review: Aruna and her Palate

  1. Sorry that your first experience isn’t satisfying at all. I don’t watch Indonesia movies often but I told my friends about your comment and they recommended Satan’s Slave (if you won’t mind watching horror)

  2. interesting review! i am indonesian but i don’t watch that many indonesian movies, to me they are mostly lame. but i remember i did want to watch this one. this movie relies heavily on its 2 actors who played aruna and bono. they are quite famous for their first movie titled ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (what is wrong with love (cinta is love, and also the name of a girl)). go watch that movie, the original, not the sequel.

  3. oh and by the way, to my knowledge at least, in general, in indonesian culture, which is like 90% muslim culture, the term “boyfriend and girlfriend” is a loose term of a special friend, with no strict commitments just yet, and not alluding to a sexual relationship yet, because it is forbidden outside marriage, thus everything is fair game, relatively, unless that wedding vow has taken place. cmiiw.

  4. Your comment on the party boat was kinda lame… remember this is in a small city where people may not be updated on whatever so called cool moves. You seem to be smug on that part. Where are you guys from anyway ? Your remarks seems to be superior and reek of ignorance.

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