Top 5 Kpop MVs: Comebacks and Poetry, Oh My!

When your kpop bias group releases a mini-album and the poet-rapper from BTS releases an intriguing solo track, how in the WORLD are you supposed to listen to anything else? But for you, dear readers, I did, and I loved what I heard this week. Come celebrate the latest kpop songs to hit the internets, won’t you?

I’ve curated my favorite ATEEZ songs into two lists — the remixes and the albums in order — on Spotify. Take a listen!

ATEEZ – “Answer”

If you loved “Wonderland” like I did, “Answer” is going to delightedly dance through your earbuds as well. The MV is full of inside references, and represents the members coming full circle to the end of their journey. I think. I love it!

Suga – “Interlude: Shadow”

WATCH THIS WITH THE SUBS ON. Suga’s intensity and depth come shining through in “Interlude”, and his lyrics are so accessible that it’s easy to feel like I’m right there with him.

Verivery – “Lay Back”

This rookie group is doing a great job of channeling their schoolboy vibe in this catchy song.

SF9 – “Good Guy”

I’m diggin’ the “chaebols with nothing better to do” vibe!

Younha – “Winter Flower” (feat. RM of BTS)

Do NOT sleep on this song! In the vein of IU’s “Love Poem”, it’s a gorgeous anthem of support and love. Younha’s vocals are powerful, grounded by RM’s emotion-laden bass. Go read the lyrics for the full experience — I was completely moved.

What’s playing on your lists, kpop fans? Will you add these songs to it? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

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