First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Women of 9.9 Billion

The drama pickins have been slim which inspired me to check out the melodrama Women of 9.9 Billion. Come find out if it was worth watching or if this was one that could be a miss.

**Disclaimer** I have only watched 10 episodes so I still have a lot more drama to watch. This is just an initial reaction. I also remained vague on a lot of the crazy since it is something you have to experience as you watch.

Unlikable Characters

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I actually like any of these characters. They all have massive flaws and are selfish, abusive, greedy, cheating…there is so much going on. Despite all of those issues I can’t seem to stop watching. There is so much great makjang drama going on and that is before you even add all the money into the mix.

I especially am enjoying the leading lady Jo Yeo Jeong playing the abused wife who is involved in an affair with a friend’s husband. She is doing so many things wrong with her life but the utter despair of her life has me rooting for her.

Makjang Plot

Those of you who follow the blog know that I am a huge fan of well-done makjang, and this drama has all that in spades. You have to give it up to a show that has you wondering what you just watched every episode (but in a good way.)

Great Performances

So far I have really enjoyed the performances of these characters/actors. In this type of genre, you really need good actors that can sell all the crazy things that are going on. The fact that you don’t get the feeling that everyone is overacting makes for a better story. It sucks if bad acting distracts you from immersing yourself in a drama.

Would I Recommend?

I don’t think this is a show for everyone. You really have to settle back and be able to enjoy the crazy as it unfolds. But, if you enjoyed last year’s hit The Last Empress then you might want to give this drama a chance.

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